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Maintenance service B, what should be done?
sounds like its the fan going but dont know
confused about which gear to shift or a miss . Mercedes says nothing wrong dont show up on computer.
I had to replace my gas tank as the smell of gas was so strong. What are some of the major problems associated with this cars make model and year>
If I turn the car off and back on I am able to shift to Reverse. Also, ESP says it's inoperable, and Speedtronic Inoperable. Sometimes I turn the car off and back on and it goes away. Other times that does not get ...
my seat is back all of the way and will not go forward
on E when stalled and added gas from a can...started up and ran fine. About 1 hour later went to drive again, went about 2 miles and clicking sound came from engine. Began to stall and when I pulled over it smelled ...