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I checked shocks they are tight and high of car is the same all around.
It's always worked. I took the car to the dealer for air conditioning work, and now they're telling me the ECM needs to be replaced at my expense. I'm skeptical.
E500 is shaking while driving.. not sure what's causing. is something wrong with transmission? There is no error on the console?
Now the car is low again - "Stop car too Low". What is happening now. Mechanic says it will cost $2,500 to fix. What is the problem now.
Just recently had this service (and had valve cover gaskets replaced in same service) and ESC unavailable was displayed in dash when starting car to leave. Car immediately returned to service dept. (never left pkng lo...
do i have to change the front air strut with another air strut or can i get rid of the air strut and replace with something else.
It will not "pop up" when pressing the silver button.
The front ac works great but not the back, with the same low temperature as the front I get hot air
Anybody knows what these codes stand for: 91c3, 9080, 9083, 9183 and 9203 and can i fix them. Thank you
This has only happend twice, but we have only owned the car for 3 months. No diagnostic codes are present, and the locks will still work with the center stack lock/unlock buttons. I don't believe it's the batteries in...
this the first time I believe that something place in the trunk got jam in the locking device
I had my car stored for a while I served my country. Now I cannot get the one malfunction code to clear. My seat use to move back when I would turn the car off to get out of it and now the seat remain still. If I pres...
What does Service F include for a 2004 E500 Mercedes?
The power steering failed and light illuminated on instrument cluster. Area around reservoir soaked with oil. Cleaned area and filled reservoir. Started car but still no power steering. No leak detected. What could be...
my 2003 mercedes e500, dash info. visit workshop and car with arrow, if i leave the car without use for a whole day, rear left will go all the way down and then the right side will do the same, i dont here the pump wo...
The SBC Brake pump is very loud on this car and operates frequently (can be heard over the engine noise). I've been told by a dealer service rep a vent line (installed on later models) will reduce the noise level to h...
My 2006 MB has only 30,000 miles on it and I took it into the dealer I purchased it from and they said that the radiator had a small hole the size of a pinhead and the fluide ran into the transmission. I had taken my...
Last 2 times driving in the rain,I would get a red brake warning,coolant warning,srs,esp,many more,the car would lose power and gear low,all power utilities go out.when I got the car home I put it in park.When I went ...
The lift mechanism has completely failed and the frame of my car was literally sitting on my tires. What is this and how much will it cost to repair.
When I go out to get in the car in the morning, the rear of the car is really low. The wheel wells almost touch the tires. The dealer says I need to replace both rear struts. How much should it cost?
My car apparently has power 'assisted' steering which is 'sensed' by the speed of the car. Works fine on the hwy at 40mph+, but no power steering available at low mph, u-turns, parking, etc.. I'm told that there is ...
What's the cheapest way to get this replace left driver side?
Tryin to get rid of the small Mercedes Radio for the big screen Radio with nav/ipod
Also, do you guys know whats transmission version on 2005 MB E500 V8, regular? Is it 722.6 or other?
How can i check transmission fluid level on my 2005 MB E500 without deepstick stick tool, or where can i get one? Thank you
What kind of power steering fluid should i use for my MB 2005 E500? Can i use any regular one or it should be only Mercedes brand?