do we replace the entire mirror or just the film

the check engine light came on!!

Just bought a 1997 E420. The ASR light is on, what can I check without taking it to a shop? wheel speed sensors or what? The ABS light is also on...could this be directly linked to the ASR light? Cruise control does not engage, and I cannot find a fuse panel that lists cruise or speed control, again, could it again be linked to either ASR or ABS faults? Engine light goes off and on periodically, and sometimes blinks. Today the fuel light blinked for a few minutes while driving, but I have 1/2 or so. ANY IDEAS?? I haven't really dug in yet, but I would like to get some possible guidance! ANY help is appreciated! Thank you!!

Under hard acceleration it locks up, under normal conditions it is noisy and hard to steer, fluid level is full.

I just tried to pass inspection, and failed on the horn.

its not on the doors

help what can this be and how much will it cost

The lights just came on today.

fornt of engine, crankshaft seal?

where can i go to get my hood unstuck

gearshift will not come out of reverse

I need to replace the motor mounts on my 1999 Mercedes Bens E430 . How much will it cost to replace them ?

car will not shift while driving change conductor plate no change the code is 715 on the dtc

I drove home over 150 miles and once I came off the exit and to a complete stop the car would not even move. No gears whatsoever. Once I sat there for 15 minutes I started the car up and off I went then to be stopped at another light and the same thing happened again. This occurred over and over until I got the vehicle home. What is the cause of that???? Fluid level is normal however I noticed a minor drip of fluid. What do I need to do?

Lights not going off after car is turned off causing battery drain. Have jumped battery and restarted car, tail lights stay on after car is turned off. What can be done and what is the cause?

Can I change the transmission filter and fluid myself?

i spilled coffee on the console of my care now the windows don't work the horn won't blow and the lighter does not work

A few months ago my check engine light popped on. How do I turn it off?

can you tell me how to turn of the Exceeded Repair light on the dash board.

Display Oil Check

Where is the motor blower located?

the car will start up an run but when you hit the gas pedal the car dont do anything i knw its electronic but i just dont knw what to change

When my battery went dead I had a new one put in. Then my combined radio/cd, etc. would not come on. The word code came up & I just put in nos. unsuccessfully about 4 times. Now it has been saying WAIT for about TWO 1/2 HOURS during the time I drive (I have been driving about an hour back and forth to work for these two days along with some misc. driving. I found out from the book you have to wait w/the radio power on about 10 minutes after putting in a wrong code. (Since then I HAVE obtained the correct radio code.) Do you have an estimation as to how long will it take for the word Code to appear again so I can put in the correct code?

i have an audio problem with my mercedes model E430
i have tried burning CD's with an mp3 format. When i insert the CD , it seems like that the Cd player is not recognizing the CD. is there a problem with the format or the CD player it self?

I have a very rough sounding cold-start in my 1998 E55 AMG for about 10 seconds after which its ok.
It sounds as if the cylinders are not getting oil before the first ignition hence the sound. once the oil gets there the sounds subsides. My question is - is there some circuit or switch that sends oil to the engine prior to ignition which in my car is not functioning?

i was told by my mechanic that all 3 engine mounts need replaced because of how bad the car vibrates in reverse how much should that repair be.

There is a clicking noise that comes from the rear wheel area at slow speeds and it is itermittent. It always goes away shortly after starting up but will come back again if the car is turned off and sits for awhile. My husband bought new tires and rims and I heard the noise the first time I drove the car after he installed them. He switched the rim & tire with the front and the noise is still coming from the rear.

Had Transmission Fluid/Filter Change for your 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430, now stuck in low gear, possible fluid in wire harness & ECU, ECU was cleaned; what is the repair cost to clean or replace wire harness; transmission works fine, after ECU is clear but reverts back; guess fluid in harness

Occasionally, the gears will not change and/or the gear slips out while driving. The "Limp Home Mode" instructions (stop, put car in "P", turn motor off 10 seconds, restart) work every time and the car will drive fine. However, this is occurring more often.

My car's blower motor keeps going after car is shut off. I think it might have to do with whatever the rest button on my heat controls. I need to know the exact steps to shut if off it is killing my battery. I tried pulling every fuse I could but it still kept going, I only tried the fuses that are the small plastic color coated ones.