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Can I change the transmission filter and fluid myself?
i spilled coffee on the console of my care now the windows don't work the horn won't blow and the lighter does not work
A few months ago my check engine light popped on. How do I turn it off?
can you tell me how to turn of the Exceeded Repair light on the dash board.
Display Oil Check
Where is the motor blower located?
the car will start up an run but when you hit the gas pedal the car dont do anything i knw its electronic but i just dont knw what to change
When my battery went dead I had a new one put in. Then my combined radio/cd, etc. would not come on. The word code came up & I just put in nos. unsuccessfully about 4 times. Now it has been saying WAIT for about TWO 1...
i have an audio problem with my mercedes model E430 i have tried burning CD's with an mp3 format. When i insert the CD , it seems like that the Cd player is not recognizing the CD. is there a problem with the format o...
I have a very rough sounding cold-start in my 1998 E55 AMG for about 10 seconds after which its ok. It sounds as if the cylinders are not getting oil before the first ignition hence the sound. once the oil gets there ...
i was told by my mechanic that all 3 engine mounts need replaced because of how bad the car vibrates in reverse how much should that repair be.
There is a clicking noise that comes from the rear wheel area at slow speeds and it is itermittent. It always goes away shortly after starting up but will come back again if the car is turned off and sits for awhile....
Had Transmission Fluid/Filter Change for your 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430, now stuck in low gear, possible fluid in wire harness & ECU, ECU was cleaned; what is the repair cost to clean or replace wire harness; transmissi...
Occasionally, the gears will not change and/or the gear slips out while driving. The "Limp Home Mode" instructions (stop, put car in "P", turn motor off 10 seconds, restart) work every time and the car will drive fin...
My car's blower motor keeps going after car is shut off. I think it might have to do with whatever the rest button on my heat controls. I need to know the exact steps to shut if off it is killing my battery. I tried p...
I broke my only key to my car and need a new replacement one. I called the Mercedes Benz dealer and was told I need to order it from Germany. Do you know how much this is going to cost?
mercedes benz e430 sport 1998 engine light cames on after driving through water. once it dries out, will it turn off?
this morning for first time i wasnt able to start my car.i couldnt turn the ignition at all.i tried to move the steering whell left and right but did not work.Please let me know if u have any suggestions
check engine light came on and panel said engine electronics
can somebody tell me were I can get a tranmission control module for my E430 Mercedez Benz 2 wheel drive resonable price the benz dealer wants 1400
my 2000 e430 was running fine. when I pulled into my driveway it made a kapoop sound, shut off, and will not crank. it want do anything.what could have happened?
My lower control arm bushings are cracked but the lower ball joint bushing shows little wear as well as the upper control arm bushings and upper ball joint. My 2000 E-430 has 117,000 miles and I've never replaced the...
when I put my car in gear the car slam into gear engine light on car wont go over 30 do u think i need to take my car to mercedes and get the car reflash
had to change my alternator now my car wont shift into 3 rd n 4th gear wont go over 30 miles and engine is loud rpms are up high can somebody tell me whats wrong with my car
how do i turn off the child seat mode for the front passenger air bag.
My 2000 Merceds e430 4 matic, BAS light came on today and also saying visit shop, could anyone tell me what this means
My car started downshifting while I was driving to work this morning. I had to pull over and put it back into park and then put it in drive again.
I recently replaced the radiator with an OEM radiator on my E430. Also replaced thermostat however, engine is still overheating. What could be the cause?
I have replaced batteries in the key however, the car will not recognize the key to start. Any suggestions