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under my hood i found the control panel for the fuses... there is nopaper work to indicate what fuse goes where ,what size fuse and why.
The fan stopped working abruptly and the next morning when we went to start te care the battery had gone dead due to what seems to be a fan that was stating on after the ignitionwas turned off. Please advise on this ..
pulled the codes eb1234, eb1235, eb1416, eff-- do I have a serious problem ?
Blower work good on both sides and I have tested all flaps.
Recently I have changed my ignition electronic switch and after that the AC started working funny all the time is warm on the drivers side and on the passenger side sometimes works fine and sometimes blows warm air to...
replaced the gasket and the timing expansion cover its still leakin so wht do i i just gety gasket sealent and goop it on.i think the default must be on the timing side but i dont want to replace that.not to men...
but theres another leak above it does anyone know what it could be (irvtech) maybe filter neck or something ive overlooked or dont know about,please help cause im losing about a quart every 4-5 running hours and i don...
The remote control does not lock the trunk, trunk button does not work, and there is a red light on the trunk button that stays on. The trunk has to be locked manually
Local non mercedes mechanic thinks its an o2 sensor....but also that it might be the CAT converter
I was washing my 2000 E430 and I lifted the wiper blade arm forward. Its a single wiper...then for some reason I can't put it back down without feeling like it's going to break. Any suggestions?
sometimes if you tap it in your palm it will work, then sometimes it wont!
It does that after you locked the doors with the remote control
how do I change the oil sensor on a 2000 E430
car makes a thumping sound i think it is the universal joint
do we replace the entire mirror or just the film
Just bought a 1997 E420. The ASR light is on, what can I check without taking it to a shop? wheel speed sensors or what? The ABS light is also on...could this be directly linked to the ASR light? Cruise control do...
Under hard acceleration it locks up, under normal conditions it is noisy and hard to steer, fluid level is full.
I just tried to pass inspection, and failed on the horn.
fornt of engine, crankshaft seal?
where can i go to get my hood unstuck
I need to replace the motor mounts on my 1999 Mercedes Bens E430 . How much will it cost to replace them ?
car will not shift while driving change conductor plate no change the code is 715 on the dtc
I drove home over 150 miles and once I came off the exit and to a complete stop the car would not even move. No gears whatsoever. Once I sat there for 15 minutes I started the car up and off I went then to be stoppe...
Lights not going off after car is turned off causing battery drain. Have jumped battery and restarted car, tail lights stay on after car is turned off. What can be done and what is the cause?