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I am assuming the defective lamp is a bulb that is blown. If so, how much should this fix cost As far as the coolant message - the coolant container seems to be full, so does the radiator need a flush?
have replaced starter the relay under hood and battery connector on passenger side floor board still no power to starter even disconnected both cables and touch them to reset it
Was working at about half speed for awhile and just quit working all together.
Bulb replaced, but problem still there
Compresser cycles AC charged, blows cool at first then blows room temperture. Used 1 34A with lubercant and sealent to recharge system. Compressor cylces hard. Stumped?
I have E420 AMG Sport 1997. The AC compressor doesn't start and EC light is on. I can't turn it off. I read as long as it is on, compressor doesn't start. I added gas and there is no leak but the EC light is still on....
My infrared remote door locks are not working with any of the sensors (batteries are not the issue). The plastic cover on the door unit has crumbled and gone away. I know the dealer is very proud of this door unit! C...
Defective (symble) Display. At the same time ASR light is on.
All 4 windows on my car doesnt go up or down and I need it fixed
One day the car would not start, a mechanic told me that it gave him the code for a bad computer module.
Recently i had a problems with my Transmission box. Coolant system had leakage, and antifreeze mixed with water leaked into transmission in result mixed with transmission oil. As the result of that i got my Torque con...
i think there is a clip or something alike is fixing it to the door , it is showing "srs" light on my dash board. please help
battery problem just cranked again after jumping lasted about 5 min
worked for two days battery charge light stayed on went to crank to day nothing but charged battery cranked car but the car sputtered and died battery now dead car won;t do anything
How do I remove the glovebox
how do I replace the air conditioning filter
how do you change a power steering pump
the pulley right behind the fan clutch came off because the 4 bolts that hold it on came out. i need to get the fan off in order to get to it. is there a special tool to take the bolt off that holds the fan on? i used...
How do you remove the bumper on a 1995 Mercedes E420/W124??
Where is the up shift delay switch on a 1995 e420 Mercedes.
Car has no spark or fuel pressure, tried testing with an Actron scanner but it will not connect with cars computer. Any Ideas???