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Key was lost. Steering lock was removed so car could be moved. Ignition in position 2, SRS light goes out for 3 seconds, comes back on. Engine turns but won't start. Key sensor (plastic ring at end of ignition in dash...
Can we do it ourselves? What is the cost? What happens if we don't fix it.
Fan motor was blowing at low speed for about a year.
i also replaced the remote/key battery with no result. Is there a reset or procedure that I do not know about?
It happened all of a sudden. Start car put in reverse back out put it in drive and wont go from first to second third or fourth even manually. Just reverse and first. .:
Have an 1994 E320 as well and the doors do lock as I accelerate. My E420 does not. The central locking works when the doors are locked using the key.
Take car to store short way away from home (15 minutes). When ready to come back home car will not start again until it sits and engine gets cold again. What could be wrong?
While driving, my radio just quit working, shows channel, and that the stereo is on, but no sound comes out??
i have a 1997 e420.the last day i drove it it ran fine .the next day it wouldnt start .it sounds like it is out of gas. i think someone tampered with my car .i noticed several fuses were missing from the fuse box unde...
My 97 e420 am I just got had a exhaust leak and is not shifting to 3rd or higher should I get a cat or just go to mercedes or is there a trick yes my check engine is on
My windows and sunroof quit working, and I'm guessing it's a problem with the Convenience Control Module.
if starts will die after awhile
Mercedes staff also suggested worn ignition cables, but engine has only 70,000 km and cables are OK
My rear passenger side window has come off the track apparently and I am trying to take the door panel off. I can see that the armrest is attached but there are no screws that are visible in the armrest to remove. I...
There is antifreeze puddle located near the rear of the engine
will die will not turn over again
If coolant/antifreeze is empty, will it cause to give p1580 error code. In the dash board display, it is showing ASR, occ. skid and also it showed coolant low symbol.
I need to remove the sliding roof interior panel
also has trouble starting just replaced fuel pump
None of the passenger windows roll up or down neither from the switch on the window nor the switches on the center console near the gear shift.
help... comp. is good idle is good, take off good,everything is good but the dang tick
Fuel pump was replaced, after I ran out of gas, was told it was weak, replaced that, now its getting the fuel no problem up to the rails, and getting spark, the test was done capping off a few injectors to see if test...
so what number is it and what amp fuse is it ? Also is there a regulator that controls the pump too and where is it located ?
fuses under the rear pasanger seat and what in number is it? Also where is there a regulator located.
When I come to a stop at a light or sign, the engine idling becomes uneven (200rpm to 700rpm). Car shakes. On a few occasions the engine has died. Also, on some days it takes a long time for the ignition to start the...
i hot wire my wheel sensor to the battery and while i drive is pulls and jerks sometimes hard sometimes not at all. the more oil i put in the engine the less jerking and is not so harsh to drive.HELLLP MEE PLEASE I HA...
had transmission repaired worked fine for two weeks now it only shifts into first gear
I noticed that my low fuel light flashes sometimes now even though I have more than enough fuel