everytime i try and start the car

car keeps stalling battery light keeps coming on when trying to start

my oilers and 32 o rings were all replaced and my 97 e420 engine is still ticking. my mechanic says i need to drive it to ket the pressure build back up so tick will stop. is this true or did my mechanic just take me for a $1000.00 ride?

My Asr light continues to pop on which cut the engine off today, any advise?

what is the right and advised engine oil type for e400-97 model to avoid valve ticking?

soon as car starts , all the time

my car is newly baught as a second hand k.m. reading is 120,000 and i hear a valves sound in one side of the engine it disappers some times an returns again please advise. ido not know weather it is the pump or something different. i am really unhappy.

how to fix asr light on 1997 mercedes 420e

need to replace power steering pump (leaking)

the brakes lock-up if the car is driven for about a mile of travel (rear brakes) everytime...the ABS/ASR lights doesn't come on when this happen....the ABS/ASR lights comes on briefly when starting the car and goes out....what role does the ABS/ASR relay control in this system.

the brakes (rear) locks-up after about a mile of driving...
my feet don't have to be applied to the brakes...the car locks-up on it's own...this occurs everytime...the brakes does not release right away...???

just need estimate on when oil and filter should be done car has 121,000 miles on it

Engine oil Pressure gauge-sometimes it sticks at 0; when I tap on the gauge it works and the needle responds like it should; it may work correctly for awhile and it starts up again. I recently had my transmission rebuilt and there were a couple of very small vaccum hoses replaced and after that the guage worked great. I do not think it is the gauge itself.

how do you change a power steering pump

the pulley right behind the fan clutch came off because the 4 bolts that hold it on came out. i need to get the fan off in order to get to it. is there a special tool to take the bolt off that holds the fan on? i used channel locks and cannot get it off. please help me out.

Last summer I had to recharge the AC seven times after having it inspected by two mechanics who told me they could not find any leaks. The charge canisters would keep it cold for a couple weeks then start blowing warm.Any ideas?

How do you remove the bumper on a 1995 Mercedes E420/W124??

Where is the up shift delay switch on a 1995 e420 Mercedes.

when on the frewway or after the car has reached a certain temperature the transmission (automatic) will not shift out of first gear with sufficient transmmision fluid and other fluids water,oil,being full have checked the transmission oil and have add additives to it wich seemed to have solved the problem temporarely but not permernant

My 1994 Mercedes Benz E420 does not accelerate like it used to. Problem started after Engine sludge was cleaned out. I got it checked out and I was told it probably has to do with camshaft sensor not sending electrical signal to air intake. That sounds strange. Does this make sense?
Please help.

the car idles rough at times and engine may quit. When this happens the check engine light comes on also where is the port to connect code reader.

my key broke in ignition and i want to bypass old ignition

Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 E420 Mercedes Benz?

Car has no spark or fuel pressure, tried testing with an Actron scanner but it will not connect with cars computer. Any Ideas???

My '97 E420 has been experiencing hesitation when driving. While driving it has also cutoff. I have also noticed that the low gas light will often flash even though the gauge denotes that there is gas in the car. Any advise will be appreciated.

My radio will not play and the locks will not lock automatically

The ignition is locked...how is this repaired?

po715 constantly on. a regular obd2 scanner cant erase code

The headlight lenses are so yellow and weathered that they cannot be restored with one of those kits. I can buy replacements on the net but how hard are they to replace? Do I have to take half of the front end apart to do the job?

What are the battery specs...dimensions, CCA, etc?