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Where is the up shift delay switch on a 1995 e420 Mercedes.
when on the frewway or after the car has reached a certain temperature the transmission (automatic) will not shift out of first gear with sufficient transmmision fluid and other fluids water,oil,being full have checke...
My 1994 Mercedes Benz E420 does not accelerate like it used to. Problem started after Engine sludge was cleaned out. I got it checked out and I was told it probably has to do with camshaft sensor not sending electrica...
the car idles rough at times and engine may quit. When this happens the check engine light comes on also where is the port to connect code reader.
my key broke in ignition and i want to bypass old ignition
Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 E420 Mercedes Benz?
Car has no spark or fuel pressure, tried testing with an Actron scanner but it will not connect with cars computer. Any Ideas???
My '97 E420 has been experiencing hesitation when driving. While driving it has also cutoff. I have also noticed that the low gas light will often flash even though the gauge denotes that there is gas in the car. Any ...
My radio will not play and the locks will not lock automatically
The ignition is is this repaired?
po715 constantly on. a regular obd2 scanner cant erase code
The headlight lenses are so yellow and weathered that they cannot be restored with one of those kits. I can buy replacements on the net but how hard are they to replace? Do I have to take half of the front end apart ...
What are the battery specs...dimensions, CCA, etc?
I did deconect my battery and my radio
how much should a throttle body replacement for a 1995 e420 cost?
My 1994 E420 start stalling a month ago while backing out of a drive way. When I got my vehicle in drive position, I noticed the fuel gauge moving from full to half full and my RPMs going up. I tried giving it gas ...
With no prior indication of any transmission problems, after picking up my 94 E420 after having a tune up, I started noticing a chemical smoky smell once I parked the car. The smoke would be coming from the space bet...
everytime my car sits for couple of days,i have difficulty starting it.It's been sitting for 2 months,try to start it but wont start.It idles up and shuts off.what can possibly be the problem?please help.
my turn signals dont always come on and my right headlight is dim and when i slam the driver door they seem to come on
Can you tell me where to find the fuel filter in my E-420?
I need to recharge the the AC in my E-420 but cannot find the compressor
My doors are not locking automatically; is it because my key remote is losing power? If not, why aren't they locking and where is the lock for them inside the vehicle?
Where is the fuse box located?
Error message says Defective Lamp constantly, what does this mean?
How important is it for me to replace the motor underneath the seat. It recharges the battery to the car remote but mine was damaged during a rainstorm. Should this be replaced immediately because my key remote is los...
My car ticks does this mean that the motor is getting ready to go out? The car doesn't smoke from the back there is a constant tick or noise that comes from the engine.
My small headlight on the passenger side was replaced but still isn't working, not sure what the problem is. Is it a fuse that needs to be changed or a electrical problem?
tapping noise getting louder 1997 e420 amg
i smell gas in the car
Also, there is a squeaking noise by the suspension area. i changed the shoxks but it still that something like the strut (big spring)???