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I am considering purchasing a 2012 mercedes e350 from carmax with 22000 miles. I pulled the carfax report and it shows the outside mirror replaced and repaired at 3418 miles. The a/c condensor was replaced at the 10,0...
i don't know what the problems are. my front left wheel is closer to the fender then the front right. i have had a service c notification, could that be the problem? if anyone knows, i also have pictures of the wheel ...
I was driving my mercedes e350 4matic when a red batt displayed and it became veRy hard to steer
Service C is being flash on display, due in 28 days,,, What does Service C provide????
changed glove box bulb while car was running car cut off now wont start and esp inoperative show in message center. when I turn key car makes no sound but everything works.
My radio (and everything else) mostly works, but turns on by itself after I turn off engine. Fiddling with the power/volume control will turn it on and off (no need to push button). I "fixed" it by taking out COMAND f...
Are there separate fuses for drivers and passenger seats? The car had a light flood damage and we changed all buses ( 5 ) on the floor. The car worked fine after that with no problems. Now a year later the driver...
It 's a very annoying noise Window is clean with no chemicals Blade is new and cleans window perfectly but the DAMM noise every sweep of the windshield is driving me nuts Dealer has adjusted amount of sweep - no chan...
I'm turning to tune in to a static station
Noise from gearbox or the 4*4 the end of the gearbox If i am controlling the patrol sound go if i am slowing the speed its increase The KM is 60000 Is it wheel bearing Or in side some bearing
Service B - $495 Transmission Service - $350 Replacement Spark Plugs $715 Passenger Seat Motor & Connectors - $816 Blind Spot Assist Message INOP on Dash - $780 Serpentine Belt - $222 Command Power Up Check(radi...
some kind of clicking noise coming from both back wheels
Fades in and it the speakers how do i check what can be wro.g
I can only use the main control button for about 10 seconds before everything freezes-navigation, Bluetooth, radio, etc. The radio turns off for 3 seconds then goes back on.
Check engine light on I had fuel pump and gas cap replaced but check engine light still on. Car has 144000 miles on it
No power to the front wheels at all. No warning lights on. The rear end just wanted to come around and meet the front!!!
When turning to park my car car accelerated on its own ,brakes did not function and I could not shift to neutral. Has this problem been experienced by anyone ?
just bought a 2008 e-350 and when trying to use the drivers side trunk release the d/s window comes down instead. any info would be appreciated
Dash lights up red radio goes low image of the car with the hood open
No shimmy in the wheel, the car rides fine and straight. There is a little chatter when I put on the break, but the car does not pull to either side. The road noise increases with speed.