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does not start

Command Center gives out a message "Please start the engine otherwise COMAND will shut off in 10 seconds"
this happens while driving also Comand center will never turn on when I start the engine I have to manually turn it on and off.

Interior lights come on and off...want start some alternator, new voltage regulator..what is the problem?

i have changed transmission oil and filter also spark plugs, car engine and transmission is ok, after water temperature reaches 176 fahrengeit problem dissapears and car doesnt pushs anymore, does anyone knows what is problem?

Can i fit a 2014 hood on 2011?

It is a wet and muggy day, too. Just started this morning.

The seat pockets that's in the back of the front seats broke and was hanging down I had to rip them off I don't like what it looks like now and would love to replace them

It goes from drive to park automically and stops the car

Keeps going into diffrent gears. Uncontrollable. Stops the car in traffic


have a 2008 mercedes e350

I have replaced the secondary air pump and vacuums, but code still persist as well as check engine light. I have fail emissions because of check engine light still reads same code default. P0410. What else could it be. I am losing my mind as well $$$$$$ Help please!!!!

Once I make a complete stop- once I take off it makes starts whining unless I ride the brakes

Mỹ serpentine belt broke. Since I can't drive it to dealership, I had a mobile mechanic come to replace the belt. The pully on the tensioner was wobble, but I did not replace it until I have ever more money. After two weeks, the belt got slice. So I have another mechanic replace the belt and tensioner. The car had trouble starting but it ran a little and I tested starating the car. It was ok. 3 days later, I started the car. It start, but after halunch a block. The car dies. Had another mechanic stop by, and he thinks it may be the fuel injector or fuel pump. He was just guessing. Could the car be in termination mode like when the car get into an accident. Please help if you can. Thanks

had it checked because check engine light came on after gas cap was off

when I am away overnite. Once opened the trunk door will not close and stay locked when a keyfob is not present. I was hoping to keep things in the trunk overnite while on driving to locations multiple days away from home. I cannot if anyone can open they trunk and take out the contents without a keyfob.

Also, the EPS is displayed on the dash.

After waiting a week to get an appt, the dealer can't get an error reading so has nothing to fix. The on-off occurred 20 or more times on my ride to the dealer. Anyone else having this problem and know how/what needs to be fixed?

Repair shop says electric motor on the drive shaft is bad and the whole drive shaft needs to be replaced. The scanner could not detect any problem because they said no electric flow to the power steering.

Problem came suddenly. Car was parked with no problem for about a week and message came up when it was started. Steering is very stiff

After checking for errors with OBD-II code scanner I got the following error codes
error code P0335-crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit malfunction
error code P2006-Intake Manifold Runner Control stuck closed Bank1
error code P0025-Camshaft Position Timing over-retard Bank 1

I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and all for camshaft position sensors. My check engine light has gone off but my car continues to stall every now and then at red lights. But so far it starts right back up.

Does any one know why the command center would be turning of the stereo while driving siren the road? It tells me to turn on the ignition and I'm driving the car at the time.
Also my navigation only shows one state and it's not even the state I live in. It tells me that's where I'm located but I'm not. Is there a way to reset the whole command center or reset maps so I have all the states?

I am considering purchasing a 2012 mercedes e350 from carmax with 22000 miles. I pulled the carfax report and it shows the outside mirror replaced and repaired at 3418 miles. The a/c condensor was replaced at the 10,000 mile service. The valve cover gasket and timing chain/tensioner were replaced at 14, 260 miles. The cylinder head gasket was replaced at 16, 736 miles. Does this car sound like a lemon.

i don't know what the problems are. my front left wheel is closer to the fender then the front right. i have had a service c notification, could that be the problem? if anyone knows, i also have pictures of the wheel wells.