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I don't trust the cheap ones. Am I playing to much.
One of the catalytic converters was a recall 7yrs ago was replaced. Car stalled and I've been advised to get a fuel pump and filter, possible catalytic converters.
Steering hard to turn when not moving, changed PS pump no help, was told to add seafoam trans tun no help would like to drain all fluid and replace with new fluid
There doesn't seem room to lay both cr2025 batteries in the housing.
I'm trying to find out why my ac stop blowing cold when it builds up pressure when I'm driving
The steering wheel won't lock, shifter won't move out of park however I don't feel that it's in sync with the whole off switch. I feel the person that drove my car pulled the key out before it was in park. this caus...
key won't turn and the steering column won't lock. It seems as if the shifter and the steering column are out of sync. Help! I think the key was pulled out before the car was in park first. I have 144000 miles a...
Motor works both ways Up and Down when i by pass computer. But will not work with keyless entry or swathes in trunk or car door. could any one tell me the truck lid angel switch in put and out put Voltage and MV and a...
Recently, my car alarm triggered and I could not shut it off. My front windows were working, but from time to time, one of the windows would go down and the other would be up and vice versa.. I took the car to the sh...
When I push down and hold the button in the small box under the hood it does not blink, what should I try next to read code.
In the small box under the hood I push down and hold button for 30-60 seconds but the light does not blink for a code to tell me what the problem is .i replaced the old gas cap. Also it's a sportline edition with 120,...
In a collision with an on-coming car from the left-front, my L/F tire (wheel) was directly hit-- moving it almost to the wheel well. When any bumps or dips in the road are encountered, the sharp outer edge of the whe...
Is there a diagram available for 1997 transmission sensor
After servicing my check engine came back on. My mechanic fixed it and a day later it came back on again. Mechanic can seem to figure out was wrong.
drove car with no problem then woke up early the following day and ignition will not unlock steering wheel does anyone have a way i can unlock it my car is parked on street thanks for your help in advance 2001 e320
When we lock the door the button with the car and hook has a flashing red light. I would like to know what that means!
the post mentioned rods bending & pistons pear shaped. i'm looking for a used 300d or e320 & i want to get the most reliable
My E-320 has 136,451 miles on it. When should the shocks be replaced?
In the morning engine starts okey. During the daytime, some times I try to start engine 2 or 3 times.
EIS does not recognize turn signals being activated by combination awitch.
After stupidly leaving a very heavy load on my '94 E-320 Wagon, my MB sits lower and driving bumpy roads feels like I have no shocks. I depressed them for so long that they are no longer absorbing bumps as they shoul...