My car was fine before I had Midas change the front belt on or next to the fan. Now my check engine ligt comes on. I had check the impulse counter for the code located in fron of the battery. The LED blinks 18 "Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid-open or short circuit and 22 times "Cam position sensor signal defective. my question is by changeing the regular belt can cause a code 18 and 22. Thank u. My Zip Code is 19702

I have fuel leaking from the rear of my car. My neighbor said I probably need a new fuel line. How much would that cost to fix?

where is it located

Today only today

replacement costs for front right spring

the rear door lock keep bouncing w/ noise sometime lock but the window working no problem

Cat. Converter is bad, and needs to be replaced. Have 90,000mi. Heard this was a problem with this year car. Approximate cost?

The summary pretty well sums it up!

Just yesterday I noticed that in attempting to raise the rear window it did not operate

Brake Lining Wear just came on and it is Sunday. I have a business meeting out of town first thing in morning. Will be about 400 miles round trip. Mostly highway. Wondering if enought pad should still be left to take this trip before replacing pads without risking wrecking the rotors.

The car don’t start. Someone tell me that can be a brake switch. But I notice that I can turn radio on and I can change the shift to neutral and others position..
I think. I can't do that before!!
Cel 939-644-5151

SRS restraint system malfuntion show light alway

The car enter a pot hole and since then the light have been on down

it has a rough idle and stalls when at lights. it also has a loud exhaust noise and vibrations

Battery keeps draining? Can change and charge, no matter, it drains.

front end is squeaking when driving over bumps in the road

what does it take to replace rt. front airmatic shock

The check engine light came on and the code is P0111. It says its the Intake Air temp Curcit range/performance. Where is this part located, and how hard is it to repait it myself?

replaced batteries .car kills after driving about 10 -15 mins. does the same idling as if it ran out of gas .the little gas pump icon shows up.after it sits for about 20-30 mins , it starts as if nothing is wrong .then it kills again 2003 e320 100,015 miles

the wipers are not working because the switcher is broken and I bought a new one to replace it but I do not know how to do it

How long and how difficult is it to change the valve cover gasket on my 1996 Mercedes Benz E 320? I'm gathering that it is located under the top cover that runs down the middle of the engine?

thie is the first time this has happen. I purshase some gas and got in the car to crank it and it would not start. but after a while it started up now it wont crank again. I had it towed to my house and now its cranking up please let me know whats going on..Thanks

I was ready to start the car, put the key in the ignition and it would not turn. The car will not turn on at all.

check engine light comes on when car is started,diagnostic code is p 410(secondary air injection system malfunction), abs & ets will display later but both indicator lights comes on at the same time, W/S switch is in S position on console.

The battery had just been replaced. Shortly afterwards it was noted that the windows weren't working. Neither was the roof, heated front seats, rear defroster and other comfort features. Where is the headlamp wash system relay? Where is the Load side of the fuse shows a ground. Any suggestions?

right before starts egnition it shows BB service in 8days
since yesterday

Hi Guys

I have a 1997 Mercedes 320E - L 6 Cyl - and very first time I got a problem with it - more specific yesterday while driving I sensed that the engine was running rough. On idling the engine is shaking (not vibrating) No knocking or unusual sounds from the engine. It starts normally.
I suspect an ignition module or spark plug is gone.

However with this ocassion I wanna change the CPS before it'll die on me when I expect the less. I've noticed a slight RPM oscillation on idling before I got in trouble with the ignition problem described above.
I'd like to know the location of CPS.


The transmission has 235K miles, it slips going from 1st to 2nd gear, fluid level never checked and I want to check it myself. I have the dipstick for it too.

The easy access system does not reset (remains in off) on my 2003 e320. I have already tried to reset by the manual

my e320 key work normally but he didn't removed from his place when i turn off the car.
I can not remove the key from the ignition.