i have an e320 benz 98 that as soon as u turn on the car the left turn signal stays on. Can you tell me whats wrong? how hard is it to fix the problem?

what happens if you use 87 unleded gas when it calls for 91

The A/C was working then one day it just ran out of freon, then a few days later the the fans didnt work. I still here the compressor when I try to turn on the A/C, but nothing is blowing out of the vents.I have checked all the fuses and they are all still ok. Maybe you guys can help me fid the problem for my car.

Comes on when the car is started

This morning i got up to start the car and it wouldnt start but the radio came on also the lights,,no ticking and no noise at all...whats the problem

Need instructions on how to install a water hose for the Mercedes Benz E320 model.

my 2004 E320 has a cracked passenger side mirror signal lens. How do you remove the lens to replace it with a new one?

Just about to buy a used e320...but the LCDs are starting to go. Wonder how much it cost to get the unit replaced. Thanks

The blower motor just start to blow at low speed i beleave it the blower resistor what should it cost to repair this problem

once the gear is shift into reverse it feels like a gear is turning slowly and all of sudden it shifts itself in reverse mode.

After taken my car to Mercedes-Benz for a diagnotic test I was told that the car have a fauilty cam sensor. The fuel injection module as a faulty cam sensor and the cam solenoid is not adjusting the cam. My car use to start/crank over with no problem. Now my car want start/crank over. Some time the car will start/crank if I take the car out of park and put the car into N and back to park. My question is it the defective cam position sensor preventing the car from starting/cranking over.
Thank U

Mercedes-Benz performed a Diagnosis Test with HHT the following code was present 022 CMP SENSOR SIGNAL IN DM, O67 CMPSENSOR SIGNAL IMPLAUSIBLE, 089 ADJ CAM TIMING SOLENOID Y49. The nature of my plea is for some one to explain what does the codes mean.
Thank You In Advance

cluster only works at first start up of the day .everything els works outside temp time and milage no needels pleas help

On my 1994 E320 Mercedes-Benz the Poly-v-belt drive have a automatic belt tensioner. My question is that when one is replacing the car serpentine belt do they need to adjust the belt tensioner when the poly-v-belt drive have a automatic belt tensioner. Also, if one adjust the car poly-v-belt drive "automatice belt tensioner" can this cause damage to the car camshaft timing solenoid, short circuit and make the cam position sensor signal defective. Thank you.

should I replace all 6 coils or would the 2 that fire no 5 be enough

air conditioner/fan does not come on.

My question is when replacing a Serpentine Belt on a 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz do you replace the camshaft Position Sensor also.
Thank You

Can anyone tell me what is causing the floorboard to get soaking wet when it rains hard?
It is only on the driver's side front and rear and I can't figure out how to fix the problem. I took it to the dealership and first they said it was clogged up on the hood and needed to drain. I cleaned the drain and it still got very wet during the next hard rain. Next, they charged me $150 more and said it was from a leaky sunroof and wanted $2.650 to fix it.
Can a leaky sunroof cause that much water to accumulate on the floor? It wasn't on the seat or door or anywhere else but the floorboard. Help?

After taking my 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz to the shop to changed the serpentine belt my check engine light came on and want go out. I check the car impluse counter in which "Led Blinks" 18 adjustable camshaft timing solenoid or short circuit, and 22 time cam position sensor signal defective. I took the car to MB and was advise of the following results: Performed short test with HHT 022 CMP sensor signal in DM, CMP signal implausible, ADJ CAM timing solenoid, harness short.

My question is what can I do to cause the engine light to go out. I had try the following: (1) Disconnect the battery; (2) Disconnect the postive cable waited 10 to 15 mintue; (3) removed the fuse; Reset the Impluse Counter by holding down the for 6-8 seconds and the engine light still stay on.

Which fuse does one remove to cause the check engine light to go out on a 1994 E320 Mercedes benz.

The engine harness on my 1994 E320 Mercedes-Benz got short circuit after a shop changed my serpentine belt. The impulse counter "Led Blinks" 18 "Adjustable camshaft solenoid or short circuit and 22 times cam position sensor signal defective. It is my understanding that once a shop start moving or bumping the engine wiring harness around you disturb the crumbling insulation on the engine wiring harness and short circuit occur. My question is can a shop repair a short circuit engine harness with out having to replace the engine harness.

Am being told by a few different shops that in order to replace my heater blower motor I must replace the sensor and regulator as well. Total cost around $900 - $1000. Does this sound correct?

I have received quotes from four shops (including the dealer) on replacing my heater blower motor. All of the labor is about twice your estimate and all shops say that the heater blower motor can not be replaced without also replacing the sensor and regulator. Your estimated cost of repair #369 - $459 is less than half of all quotes received

What would be the cause of my check engine light to come on after the shop changed my serpentine belt on my 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz. Prior to taken my car to the shop my check engine light was not on. The check engine light came on after the shop changed my serpentine belt.

Orange light that looks like lightbulb located next to engine light has came on; what does this mean? Has been on for a couple of days.

My problem is that the check engine light is on after taking my car to have the Serpentine belt changed. I check the impulse counter on my 1994 E320 Mercedes-Benz located in front of the battery. The LED blinks 18 "Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid or short circuit and 22 times cam position sensor signal defective. I want
to know how close was the cam sensor or camshaft device to the Serpentine Belt to see whether by the shop changing the belt that they may have bumped the cam sensor connector and damaged it when changed the Serpentine Belt.

when I turn on air condition fan, the EC indicator comes on. which i was told that an indication the is low on freon.

Is the cam sensor or camshaft device located close to the Serpentine Belt on a 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz.

If a shop bumped the cam sensor connector and damaged it. Where would the cam sensor connector be located on a 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz.

Where is the Cam Sensor located on a 1994 E320 Mercedes Benz