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My girlfriend had trouble shifting her 2004 Mercedes E320 out of park. When she tried to shift back into park, the shift lever would not go into park and the the ignition key couldn't be removed. The dealer forced t...
My E320's A/C system compressor burned out. The mechanic is telling me that the compressor burned out, and because of that, the engine shuts off when the A/C system is turned on. He's telling me that I'm going to ha...
right front turn signal no voltage was intermittent once a month now quit ,side mirror still works flasher same way (
how can i take out my dead battery to replace it with a new one by myself
I was not getting any cold air at all. I took it to a shop and they said it was the compressor. I replaced the compressor and recharged with freon and it still does not blow cold air.. What else could it be? The Duo ...
The car lost power all of a sudden, while driving down the freeway. The car starts easily but runs rough at idle. I can go 0 to 60mph in about 20sec. The check engine light is on. The engine runs smooth at freeway spe...
where can I get a console cup holder replacement
it leaks each time i attemp to drive , replaced front seal and pump bracket with seal
what is a 4 matic vehicle and how do you know if you have one? e 320 mercedes benz 2005
Dicsonnected battery for 24 hrs to reset due to bad gas causing poor running. Reconnected, runs better, but windows will not roll up now. What happened?
I was driving on the highway and I heard a popping noise in the right front wheel and when they removed the tire something is broken and it is a piece that is attached to the wall and it is near the spring and shock \...
i was trying to sell it and when the buyer was testing it out the steering wheel just got locked and i took out key and its still locked
I have a 94 e320 mercedes and I replace the gasket but the problem that I encounter is this when I remove the timing chain I did not put a mark how it was before removed so the question is how can I set it back to rig...
ABS & ESP lights came on. How long do I have before I see my mechanics? After I drive for a while (20 minutes), I hear a constant humming noise.
ac gets plenty cold but in less than 1 minute compressor will shut off & wont come back on unless car is restarted,ac otherwise works normal, compressor can be kept working by cycling with EC button on controll head a...
Auxillary battery dead vs replace battery control module
how many crank sensors on car
I need to replace the water pump. How many hours of labor are needed?
Some times the car does not start properly. Tks. Fesco
tellaphone poll sractches. how much to fix it?
What Brand is recommended (DENSO)(FOUR SEASONS) OR (BEHR)?
How much is the repair cost of a radio and what needs to be done to repair the radio? The radio stoped working when I pushed a button to change from fm to am. There is no sound. The radio comes on and than goes off...
need to know if oil on tranny is correct how do i check level
Check Engine in red, what does it mean? things to do? what are the components to check? or replaced ? Where are the spark plugs located?
you can push the econ button and it doesnt go off. even when you turn the air on the econ. light stays on.
my car broken . I want to change mirror glass
breaks in the front makes a rumbling sounds when applied at high speed
how to change the oil filter on E320 Mercedes-Benz 1996 ?