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black box two wire con.coming out of it
drivers door or rocker panel. how do i drain it out ?
While driving yesterday The AUTO & EC light (economy light on control panel) is stuck on (always red). I can't get cold air to function
Yesterday The e light (economy light on control panel) & Automatic light stuck on (always red now). I can't get cold air to function.
The car is making a noise like a bad U joint, but, it has rubber U joints. Could it be a bad CV joint?
I have replaced my radiator cooling fan (Mercedes e300 td 1999) and I don't know what way should the wings be ,,, please someone help mee ...
This happened about a year ago. Shortly thereafter, the "check engine electronics" sign appeared. Now, it never goes away. Have taken it to three repair shops and they don't know why the light turns back on. Actually...
I have to write the mileage down when I get gas because the fuel gage isn't working. I know I can go 200 miles on a full tank, but when I can't fill it, its a guess on how far I can go! Also, sometimes it just dies ...
There is some fuel leaking around the plastic low pressure lines, still running but need to fix soon. I've heard this is a common problem, but am afrid to attempt without some help.
Is the diesel fuel responsible for rough starting of my mercedes?
The first time this happend, I tried 40 or so times with no success. towed it to a mechanic and when he went to work on it the next morning it started right up. He tried it 20 times and it kept starting. He checked...
the transmission shifts normally until the last gear and will not shift also the cluster is randomly going out with a engine dianostic light.
Does any one know how to change brake pads on 95 e300 diesel? I
A girl friend has spilled coffee in the shift lever area and now it will not shift out of 2nd gear. I am a Jaguar tech but not much experience with Mercedes Benz. She said a repair shop said the "valve gear" is bad, p...
The window switch console works intermittently. Consequently, I can use the switch to lower the windows from the cluster switch located on the auto trans shifter panel. Can this cluster switch be serviced? Are ther...
engine surges at speeds above 55 mph, does not happen all the time, has been repaired several time but re occurs after about 20 k miles
i noticed a strong smell of diesel when i am driving but do not see evidence of a leak in the driveway
I have a 1998 Mercedes E300 TD with 245,000 miles. The a/c unit puts out really cold air for awhile and then blows warm air. This does happen more when the temp outside reaches 80 degrees and up. It also seems to happ...
My car runs out great but has a ruff idle. what might be the cause of this?
how do I reset my oil counter?
when I took my car to change to snow tires, I was told that I needed to replace R Pinion Shaft Seal (rear both). How can I know I really need that and can you explain what it is. Thank you!
Hi, My automatic window "ground" to a halt while it was down the other day. It sounded like the motor was still working but like some gear structure broke and was ground up. I need to know how to get the door panel o...
please advise of this if it is a common problem or not