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Steering wheel controls work for radio/not cd changer.
If I change the s/w switch from s to w trans seams to not slip nearly as bad.after the car is driven til operating temp there is no more slipping problem
remote has been replaced and original or new will not work inst panel sayes can not recognize thx ron hicks
something fell inside need to see if its blocking shifter from working.. it was a plastic toothpick
How do I remove plastic cover to diagnostic plug to check onboard computer? Thanks
fan was sounding loud not coming on now does not overheat?
My car has a flat spot when I accelerator hard. The problem seems to occur more when the car is cold. To me its like the car has taken to much air? The car also ideals rough at times....most times it ideals smoo...
Just above the rear window the top has become unglued, been told its repairable by some and must be replaced by others?
Hi can u please tell me what i need replace or have adjusted please?
My brother hit a speed bump at too high a speed and the two roll bars sprang up. I would like to put them back down without going back to the dealer
replaced windshield waher pump but there is no fire to wires
rear driver window got stuck and convertible top wouldn't work. When trying to push the window it came off its track and fell inside the body. Top is up but window is down
Does the trunk have to be completely empty before it will come down? Is there a way to manually take the top down and then put it up automatically. I have had it for 2 year, the first 3 or 4 times I tried, it...
how to remove headlight assy on drivers side
How much to replace
ok so i unplugged the battery and the radio went into code mode. i took the serial number went to the dealer they gave me 3 codes none worked. they said they cant help what can i do? how do i unlocked?
get a whining noise from lower right side of transmission console area on decel for last few days. Its most noticable from 40 mph to stop. I now get a P0700 code when I checked with a scan reader. check engine code li...
Where can I get instructions for replacing rotors and pads on Benz 01 CLK55 AMG
took the car to a mercedes dealer for the driver seat not working, when it came back the air for the cushions on the driver seat din't work. and now they want to charge extra. could you help me out. thank you, abe
While driving I notice this has happened at least 4 times intermittantly. The CD and the radio and NAVI components will stop working. The display will stay to insert CD when it is already on, I will turn off/on the ...
can i change my own oil on my 2005 clk55 amg? and if i can, is it harder than any other american made car?
First of all thank you for your time. Currently own a 2002 CLK55 and am having issues with the convertible top light on console-the light stays on at all times. The top appears to open and close without problems, but ...
preplace ball joints,upper and lower control arms, both struts, passanage tire retains noise when going over a bump or small debree or uneven or cracked highway only 70k
I have a 2002 CL55AMG and it is telling me to change tail light bulb. I see that it is out and don't want to ruin the car. Anyone done this before? Pretty easy or should I just take it in to the Dealer?