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a series of steps were : if I left the lights on for just about 3 to 5 minutes, the car it will not start . it needs jumper then the soft top stop working the switch it is no longer illuminated, last the alarm lights...
I suspect that a hydraulic line might be leaking in the soft top lid as oil drips out the bottom of the lid when it is raised. Is this a common occurance? Where is the hydraulic pump and/or resevoir located?
The remote key works but the door locks will not open, nor the truck or horn or lights. No display on control panel works. Nothing works. What could be the problem.
My heat just stopped Working. All it blows is cold air now, what could be wrong?
After a wait today it started right up . fuel filter just replaced. Fuel pump going?
I try to pass a slower car and instead of my car dropping down in2 a lower gear and launching itself and start pulling, it stalls as if it's shutting down and then it starts pulling but then if I punch it a little mor...
The windows and door locks are screwy. When I am in the car, the doors unlock and lock intermittently and when I stop the car and get out, the windows go down. Sometimes I leave the car and they are up, when I come o...
Dealer tested and back with these needs I replaced and still ocassional start up issues
The inside which is use less and I have tried the key many times w/o success buttons on rear seats are clicked in so I can't even climb thru this time to release from inside.
what would the estimated cost be to replace crank shaft sensor A
OBD is un able to communicate to get reading
When slowing down or at a stop,it blows cool air.
Also, it has started to missfire and run extremely roughly, this is corrected when the ignition is turned off and on again, this has only happened twice, service work carried out so far, 16 new platinum plugs fitted...
The miles are (2) of them are right around 62,000-65,000K...Need advice thank you.
For future problems or possible repairs I would have to deal with in the future Also how reliable? Thanks everyone!
bought the cassette from monster cable to play ipod through stereo.
I want to take my clk430 with me behind my motorhome
ive had to put 2 gall of coolant in it , dosnt overheat but is losing fluid// what can it be