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Gage is high power at Fan
The manual only says to drive careful and to take it to the dealer. Is there something I can do?
I got hit on the front right side of my car,next to the headlight,they drove off and now my steering wheel is angled to the right
Where is the battery located
The problem seemed gone. What do I do to assure it doesn't happen again?It happened just after I drove out of my garage.
Have my c300 4matic 75k, love the car, but lately have noticed a sound and felt vibration in the car at speeds of 100km/h. After paying $185 for a "disagnostic" the dealer ruled out the differential needs replacemnt. ...
I can turn it on and off but the brake lights still wont shut off. I believe it has to do with the brake light switch but i couldn't find it under the dashboard where the brake is. Any clue where its located or what i...
Steering Oil level was checked after long drive (800 km). It was below the lower level of dip stick. When checked subsequently, it didn't show up on dip stick. But no warning on display. What should be done.
My car (actually C230 4matic-Canadian car)has 64000km on.Did run without a hick until yesterday,than last nigh I tried to start it and it failed.Engine not turning,not even once.Battery fully charged,no lights,steerin...
The fuel sensor was replaced and gas cap is fine. Any experience with these two codes? 2008 C300 4Matic
I recently changed the oil on my C300 4 Matic and when screwing on the canister the O Ring must have rolled up to the top of the canister. I did the usual and filled it with Mobil One Synthetic and cranked it up, let ...
I crashed the front of my car today and the bottom part under the hood is off and the lights are destroyed. Basically the biggest problem is just the bottom part under the light and symbol is completely off.
I just brought a battery 4months ago. when trying to start it up no noise
The headrests opened during fender bender that left no damage on the exterior and airbags did not deploy. Just the headrests of the front seats are open.
Can the display module be reprogramed or does it have to be replaced. Fully charged
Could my sensor be broken or prossible losing air in one tire; what to do; added air and all tires are correct problem just started 6/28/13; how to do tell which tire
was told that along with my service A my car needs a transmission flush because one wasn't done at 30,000 miles.
my navigation systems miss reads the current location of where my car is. Example if i am in nj it will read staten island.
screen for radio/ navi is blank, but radio is working