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Bought this used car and have had the hood pop up on me while driving, many times now. It does not happen all the time. Yesterday I had my 74 yr. old mom with me on a trip to Miami and it happened 3 times on the exp...
& Electrical socket, checked and tested all solenoids, replaced filter and fluid. Just need codes cleared. Dealer wants over $600.00 to clear faults!!! I laughed. Does anyone know where I can get a compatible Mercedes...
cost of replacing windshield wiper motor
I have a 96 c280 the instrument cluster has gone out had it fix broke again can this be a problem with fuel sending unit? AC Compressor isn't coming on no voltage to it beforehand had it replaced along with the ref...
Trunk button near power windows, the key itself, or the remote on the key, wont open trunk. Nor can I lock the doors. Works fine in the ignition to start the car.
My power seats and windshield washers won't work. What fuse? 2006, 280C
I hit a curb and the piece that protects the body from road dirt and water came off. It's the shape of the wheel well and made of a kind of plastic I think.
its shows engine light and we just finish rebuilding it and the engine is vibrating
Last week changed the oil and filter with mobile 1 synthetic, noticed a milky foam on cap and cleaned the cap. Today sitting at a light I saw a small amount of steam coming from the hood. I found antifreeze leaking bu...
Can my head gaskets be replaced from another car or do they have to be rebuilt? ?
When I am at a stop, the car wants to stall and the lights dim. The battery light flashes on and off. Brand new battery 2 weeks ago after the mechanic ASSURED me it was not the alternator.
They all quit at the same time last night. Checked the fuses any other ideas
This is very disconcerting at night. The radio panel lights up if radio on.
when the fuel tank is empty ,i can only pump 4 or 5 gals of fuel into the tank before it shuts off ,and wont let me pump anymore in.
no problems just wanting to know in order to prevent major financial and transportation (lack of)problems in the future...mine has 157,000
the lock cylinder is locked up,it wont turn
how do i check to see if the wire is plugged in?
if not motor could it be lineage or just a screw
I must turn the light switch past the diagram picture to work
Can not open trunh