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car has not been started in two years. Put in a new batterey but no power to any systtem not even lights. Fuse problem? battery is good
Shops have said compressor is working and has refregerant. for several years the center vents puch no air.
by a reputable garage SEVERAL times over the past few years. They work for a while and then sputter and stop. This will be our 4th relay replacement. Is this normal?
1) The A/C is tripping off and on. It comes on for like 20secs and then trip off for more 4mins or longer. At the time it stops cooling, the fan blows well but not cold. What could be wrong with the A/C system? 2) Th...
the sound is not constant and doesn't do it in reverse. when I turn the wheel to the left it sometimes will stop until I straighten the wheel.The car sat for a few weeks and when driven there was no noise for a few m...
Was diagnosed at dealership, was told to get new one coz of age and mileage (229,000)not worth fixing it. The car really runs good except engine light sometimes come on. Thank you.
When I turn the car off and restart it, it works fine. Could this be electrical as oppose to the transmission?
The engine actually shakes the car. The car will not move no matter what gear. Check engine light is on. My mechanic ran the code, and it suggested it is a bad anti-theft sensor, and that the car shaking and failure t...
The car will start and then shut down immediately. I waited 10 or 15 minutes and it started fine and ran with no issues. I had just added a quart of oil and the car has 223,000 miles. I am using the extra flat key ...
It was dark out, all lights stayed on. The ets light on dash came on,I coasted into a parking lot when I tried to restart the red and green lights on the rear view mirror will flash, the key fob seems to work you pres...
So i tool my car to get the a/c recharged at Midas. They told me that there was no power to the air compressor but they could energize it and the system would work just fine but there was nothing they could do for me,...
A/C cooling, heat has been unpredictable. I replaced the control panel and the problem seems to be in check. As a prevent, I want to change the evap temp sensor being I heard it can be problematic.
at first the motor wasn't running then it hit a bump and turned on and now it won't turn off
I replaced the key and now the key works fine, but now the car wont start it sounds like it wants to start but it wont it ran fine before the mey stopped turning
Today I went to pick up my car from the shop, it was originally in because the starter had failed, so I had it replaced... the total cost came out to be around $370 ,,, I thought it was bit too much but then again I'm...
Not a big issue on this, just want to make sure it remains a small problem. The high beam lever on the steering column works fine when you push it forward as it's supposed to, but when you pull it back toward you for ...
The right side will stay on until you turn the car off. The left side will come on when turn the car off.
when I turn the heat control to max the fan does not even blowing any air(hot or cold. I check the fuse, it is good. what could have possibly happen. This happen not long after I jump start my car.
when I turn the heat control to max the fan does not even blowing any air(hot or cold. I check the fuse, it is good. what could have possibly happen. This happen not long after I jump start my car.
Wiper does not work but wiper motor does turn on and off
I had a shop look at it but says its a motor , others say it's in circuit board w cracks in it . I checked both fuse locations in the front and trunk and nothing is blown out .
They come on at different times, sometimes they will all be on at once?
Replaced the lock and cylinder and a new battery.Turn the ignition on and the starter starts to engage than the lights on dash come on,than there is nothing.What could be the problem?
you can hear the power when u turn the switch on but the wiper doesn't come on what do I need too do
why such a wide range in prices, what am i looking for? and engine mounts, how many mounts does this vehicle requires?