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my speedo went out, at the same time abs, asr, and brake lights went on. plugged in scanner , computer will not give a code or read out. tried 2 scanners.

trans leaks and the pan gasket was replaces. Still leaks!

in winter, prudent to use ac

my 97 c280 benz leaks oil; the dealer says needs new head gaskets,@ 103k miles it runs perfect no smoke,no noice,no loss of power,no problem! can it be only the valve cover gasket? thaks for your help!!!

Can I change the fluid myself or use professional shop?

I have a c280 with 40,000 miles. While driveing or pulling away from a stop giving it gas. The car seem to be hung in a gear not sure which one. What could this be?

Blower is working have hot on passenger but cold air on driver side

Started the car and gasoline leaked tank emptied...What will it cost to replace the gas line? Or what else do you think is wrong....Many thanks

I have a 95 C280 and there are 2 speakers and 1 sub in the back window portion that are barely audible when adjusted to the rear speakers only on the radio unit. I have checked all fuses and wireing that is visible.

Hello, my a/c dont blow cold air. compressor works, freon is full. what could be wrong? i need advise

car sat for 6 months out of gas put half a tank of gas wont start when turning over a little wrench with 652 apears on the odom what does this code mean.

sounds like slushing noise under floor of car and when running the car starts to slow down then cuts off theis happen in 2009

what tip/grade oil I need for 1996 280 c

Windshield wipers will not turn off

How do I release caliper to change out rotors and replace brake pads?

The ABS and ASR warning lights illuminated at the same time the cruise control stopped working. I checked for a blown fuse, but all seem to be OK. Any ideas?

I think it is a code it is on my odometer it is a wrench and -900 what does it mean?

I paid $800 for a tuneup and wiring replacement on my '95 Mercedes C280, was this too high to pay?


need help replacing headlight bulb

brake fluid light comes on periodically... i would like to add fluid myself.. where is it located?

cracked and broken tailight assy

I would like information on changeing the sun roof on my c280. thanks

How do i change the emergency barke shoes and cable on my mercedes c280.

My 96 c 280 dies while i am driving on the road or streets. I am able to restart the engine by shifting to natural and turn the switch back to start. The dash lights stay on when car goes dead.I have had the car in the dealership 3 times for repairs after the engine lights comes on, and the code is for check transmittion. Most of there works has been trial and error, including plugs and wires, all vacumm hoses and vacumm blocks. I am still having same problem. Thanks

My AC/Heater fan only blows at low speed. I believe it may be the AC Resistor. Is this someting I can replace myself? If so where is it located. Thanks very much

My brother changed the battery in the car and now the radio is locked. What is the radio code?

How to replace switch-tumbler in a 96 benz C280? Do you need special tool to remove key cylinder?

Airconditioning does not work, heating works fine. Compressor was not working, so replaced it with new unit. No power at compressor. Also noticed I do not have out side temp. and engine temp indication. For engine temp. replaced coolant temp sensor/sender unit, but no help.
Fuel tank indicator is also at E, regardless fuel tank is full or half.

My ac and heat does not come out , it comes on and i see the temp reading but nothing comes not blowing. someone said i can tap on the blower motor, but i'm not sure where that is located. Took it to auto zone they checked the fuses and the were all good. Is there a relay that i can reset.Also my gas guage does not work unless i go over a speed bump or when i first crank the car up then it goes back to empty. i set the miles now and try not to go over 200 miles per full tank. how can i fix this, what kinda gas should i be using.