Not a big issue on this, just want to make sure it remains a small problem. The high beam lever on the steering column works fine when you push it forward as it's supposed to, but when you pull it back toward you for just a quick flash of high beams it no longer works. It used to, it stopped one day, I always have oncoming vehicles flash at me, I guess my headlights are bright and they think I have my hi-beams on, I have had my lights checked and adjusted twice and I still get flashed at night. I used to pull the lever towards me to show them "these are my high beams" but it stopped working... Like I said, not a major issue but would like to know why it stopped and how to fix it.. Anyone else with a 1997 C-280 have this problem? Thanks.

The right side will stay on until you turn the car off. The left side will come on when turn the car off.

when I turn the heat control to max the fan does not even blowing any air(hot or cold. I check the fuse, it is good. what could have possibly happen. This happen not long after I jump start my car.

when I turn the heat control to max the fan does not even blowing any air(hot or cold. I check the fuse, it is good. what could have possibly happen. This happen not long after I jump start my car.

Wiper does not work but wiper motor does turn on and off

I had a shop look at it but says its a motor , others say it's in circuit board w cracks in it . I checked both fuse locations in the front and trunk and nothing is blown out .

They come on at different times, sometimes they will all be on at once?

Replaced the lock and cylinder and a new battery.Turn the ignition on and the starter starts to engage than the lights on dash come on,than there is nothing.What could be the problem?

you can hear the power when u turn the switch on but the wiper doesn't come on what do I need too do

why such a wide range in prices, what am i looking for? and engine mounts, how many mounts does this vehicle requires?

I hit a curb while trying to park and I need to replace the oil pan. Is there any way i can avoid doing this without using an engine lift, and if i need one, what do i have to disconnect from the engine if anything? Thank you. This is in a Mercedes-Benz C280 1997.

I hit a curb while trying to park and i put a whole in the oil pan. It needs to be replaced and I am trying to avoid going to a shop, I there any way that i can do this without lifting the engine with an engine lift? Thank you.

the on/off control does not start a/c, but if i hit a bump or sudden movement, it will start blowing air, just air. not hot nor cold

up untill 3weeks seats were working fine, then all of sudden it stopped

the ASR button on the dash is malfunctioning, what is its function

but when inside car I can push the master lock button and the doors want do anything. I hear a noise but nothing is happening

I checked the fuses and, in my owners manuel, it does not show a fuse for the horn!!

Cannot control the blower, it runs all the time and I need to pull the fuse when not driving. The blower also changes speed occasionaly. How much does the "final stage resistor cost?

When the car is moving fast it will just slow down wanting to. Hange fear and suddenly continue. As if it jerks. And also vibrate.

I have tried reconnecting and using key to lock and unlock doors and have tried unlocking and locking trunk. The alarm will not go off and allow me to start car.

First drive in the morning the car shakes as I drive for maybe about 5 min. Guessing it does that till the bad part warms up. After the initial 5 min the shaking goes away, but I feel a vibration coming through the seat. At 100 km/h it's at it's worst. Just dropped $3000.00 into new tires, struts, control arms, rear springs (broken) and an alignment at the dealer. At highway speed I dropped the car into neutral and coasted to a stop. The vibration never went away.

tranny shifts up and then shifts back even when stepping on itr

From under the hood

How do I know if this is a result of a bad fuse or bad fuses?

There's nothing come out when I put the A/C on, but I always see water come out underneath the blower motor.

no ac it blows hot air

the light only came on today.

I could use a diagram of the fuse/relay box located under the hood and the description of what size/type of fuse or relay is used for.Thanks in advance for anyone helping.

I just noticed this the other day. Had to jump car and noticed that the odometer stayed on even with the key off and out of car. Is there a relay of some type that tells the instrument panel(odometer) that the ignition is turned off. My battery is only 8 months old and test good.Could it be a bad cluster or some type of fuse or relay or could it be the ignition switch? HELP All the other lights turn off and is working properly.

doesn't happen all the time. Once it sits over night, it starts right up.