They all quit at the same time last night. Checked the fuses any other ideas

When I turn the car off and restart it, it works fine. Could this be electrical as oppose to the transmission?

The engine actually shakes the car. The car will not move no matter what gear. Check engine light is on. My mechanic ran the code, and it suggested it is a bad anti-theft sensor, and that the car shaking and failure to engage gear is actually the expected result (can't steal the car!)

Have you heard of this before?

This is very disconcerting at night. The radio panel lights up if radio on.

when the fuel tank is empty ,i can only pump 4 or 5 gals of fuel into the tank before it shuts off ,and wont let me pump anymore in.

no problems just wanting to know in order to prevent major financial and transportation (lack of)problems in the future...mine has 157,000

the lock cylinder is locked up,it wont turn

how do i check to see if the wire is plugged in?

if not motor could it be lineage or just a screw


The car will start and then shut down immediately. I waited 10 or 15 minutes and it started fine and ran with no issues. I had just added a quart of oil and the car has 223,000 miles. I am using the extra flat key fob which sometimes comes out of the switch before I turn it completely off. Don't know if that may contribute.

It was dark out, all lights stayed on. The ets light on dash came on,I coasted into a parking lot when I tried to restart the red and green lights on the rear view mirror will flash, the key fob seems to work you press the button and the mirror red light will flash hit the button again the mirror green light will flash but when you put the key in and try to start the mirror red and green lights go to flashing and the car will not start, any ideas.

I must turn the light switch past the diagram picture to work

Can not open trunh


So i tool my car to get the a/c recharged at Midas. They told me that there was no power to the air compressor but they could energize it and the system would work just fine but there was nothing they could do for me, they believed it was an electrical issue that they couldn't do anything for. A/c blows warm air but the heater works fine.

The key does not work also to lock unlock.

A/C cooling, heat has been unpredictable. I replaced the control panel and the problem seems to be in check. As a prevent, I want to change the evap temp sensor being I heard it can be problematic.

at first the motor wasn't running then it hit a bump and turned on and now it won't turn off

I replaced the key and now the key works fine, but now the car wont start it sounds like it wants to start but it wont it ran fine before the mey stopped turning

Today I went to pick up my car from the shop, it was originally in because the starter had failed, so I had it replaced... the total cost came out to be around $370 ,,, I thought it was bit too much but then again I'm no mechanic & unfamiliar in this category therefore I'd like to know someone else's opinion... the cost covered a diagnosed check,the starter, hourly works rate .
Before I left the shop. The mechanic mentioned , the suspension seemed to be damaged . He wasn't really detailed.. even though I asked how a bad suspension would effect my car drivability or if it was even drivable for that matter ... in response I pretty much received back "It is drivable, but I don't recommend long distances drive" I never received any straight forward answers that were crossing my mind, nor an estimate of how much it'll cost, having it repaired.... as I drove home in a 45-50 mph speed limit , after a couple blocks I immediately noticed it's cons, seemed only to be on the steering wheel , I experienced unpredictable unstable steering when reaching a specific amount of speed , that's when I immediately knew the vehicle in my opinion should not be driven due to the circumstances. Steering wheel is not aligned .. As precaution I drove no more than 40 mph... I do not want to drive the vehicle due to constant worriedness of the unexpected ... what are your guys opinion on this?? I know it may be a lot to read but for those who do take the time & patience , I highly appreciate it & would love to hear your thoughts upon topic..
one more thing,, I did notice a slight gap difference in the seconds it takes for the engine to start.... with the new starter it seems to take a second or 2 more for the engine to turn on . With the old starter that had previously failed , car immediately would start when turning the key ,,, is this normal for a new starter? Will it start up faster within time??

Pail to lock, fail to close, fail to adjust.