The engine got wet so now the check engine light comes on.When the car is started the engine sounds like it needs atune up.I had the car scanned and the echanic told me cylinder 2,4,6, were missing.he said I needed a tune up or the plugs and wires are wet Will they dry on there on and am I damaging it more by driving?

The air conditioner is blowing but it is hot air. I see the little screw driver jumping on the dash. Two lights are on sar and asr on the left.so what is the problem?

ac,radio donot work, i think its the fuse, where is the exact location on my car?

Each morning when I start the engine there is a cackling sound for about half a minute. Does anybody else have this problem.

how? and what can i replace when it says cylinder miss fire?

it is broken

I have been told my oil is leaking into my spark plugs and that my head gasket needs to be replaced

Odor smells when the AC is turned for the first time in the morning. Happens every day. Odor only lasts a few seconds.

I have a 2006 c280 and would like to know how to change transmission fluid and how often do you need to change the fluid?

Where is the oil filter located at in a 95 Mercedez C280?

Light pops up 'CHECKENGINE'

i replaced the motor, and now need to replace the fuse. the one i pulled was a littelfuse 299 32V number on the side says 06393,,and it is green 30A ...have been told this might not be the correct one...so do you have any suggestions....also do i need one that says time delay since the wiper can be set to different intermittent speeds.

why does the car bog out

just replaced MAF, thought that was what it was because when I cleaned the old one it ran great, like new. So now have a new one and it is still idlying rough, not quiet as bad,but still not like it was. Any ideas.

The doors will not lock. The fuses seem to be good as other things work.

my cell no work with prewire tel in car what i do

I have a bad smell in the interior and most likely need to change the cabin air filter. Where is it located on a 1996 C280?

Loosing power if press more on gas it pop pop. Sometimes it idles like it's missing a spark plug. All this happen last night now this morning everything working smooth except slightly lost of power. Change fuel filter,air-flow switch and reprogram computer also diognostic which shows plug #4 bad. change all plugs. Problem still continues

What cause make the both front windor and mirror adjuster not working

My boyfriend just bought a car off salvage and it needs a code for the radio so it could work. I was hoping someone could help find out what it is without having to stress going to the dealer because he didnt buy it from a dealer in the first place

Air compressor want cool the car / we have already put freon in the car. The compressor works it will KICK OFF AND BLOW WARM AIR.

My pasenger windor stuct down , can not raiser up, please tell me how to raise it up then put some wood under to keep it in place. thamk you

the windor stuck down . can i disconnect the motor and raise it up and put some wood and eep it in place so it not going down . thank you.

What does the ABS light mean? Also What does circle with three dotted lines around it mean?

how do you change the spark plugs and turn the check engine light off


Constant check engine light

Had taken vehicle that I have been very happy with, to the car dealer I'd bought it from for maintenance; Not sure they used diagnostic, but was told the lt and
rt. oil gaskets needed to be replaced. I'd shopped around for mechanic that would know to do this for rt. price, and had this job done; day latter, find out I am leaking oil on an incline while parked. The mechanic says that it must of not been the rt and lt oil gaskets, and most likely the timing belt gasket; He has not come out to say he will put the money I paid for the gaskets towards what he perceives to be the timing gasket; I Know importance of a clean engine to be able to inspect for suspect leaks that can tend to migrate to the bottom of the block,and want to suggest this to him before he begins. Typically, oil drip may go along pan rail to end up at the back where the engine is at it's lowest spot. The problem did not occur till the mechanic replaced the oil gaskets, as I brought the car in for the maintenance due it, and did not expect this. I do know that the oil pan had been collecting oil, from watching a previous oil change, but had not dripped out noticably. To sum up, I observed clean oil drip when I had parked on an incline, right after the mechanic changed out the rt and left oil gaskets....Any suggestion as to what to expect or to try?

no problem oil only looks old

my car has refused to go in gear three different time,each time i toe it it will drive the following day.This happens without any signal that the transmission is goib g bad.It has happened again and i cant get it to move.