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i was driving and then suddenly when i made a stop and tried to accelerate it felt like i was driving in a empty tank but i wasn't it was full so it stopped on me and the abs light turned on so i tried to turn it back...
Engine don't start, tryong to start, hear noise but doesn;t start
Cant get my son's car to pass emissions not sure if it is the Spark plugs & ignition coils or the mass air flow sensor as I was reading on here, how would I know which one it is without taking it to a mechanic? And ho...
oil level light on with proper oil level
how do you jump start with the trunk locked?
which color wire is the back up light
how to rest the radio code
spits sputters runs like #$*$
How can I add Tramsmisiion Fluid?
How to reset the oil light
my turn signal and hazards not working and i am think it is a relay somewhere but i can not find out where is it at any one have any idea where do i find it on the car
hi,] how do i know the signal relay and how to change as the signals work intermittently
I just got 99 C280 Sport Package (W202), I have a problem with my Automatic Climate Control, does it has a bulb light? when i turn the lights ON, the device is still dark, do I have to change the device or just replac...
I had a strange problem with the above model. The aircon can will only work intermittently, if the aircon is kept in on position, when the car is started, provided that it is the first start. However if the car is kep...
transmission wont go reverse/ all other gear fine
My fan is hitting the idler pulley, looks like there is a bolt on the pulley, can this be tighten or does the pulley needs to be replace?
Access to the bulb is extremely limited so should I unclip the box behing the headlight to get a better angle? How do I remove the bulb? I have detached the harnesses, but can't get the bulb out.
The car takes off fine, but as it reaches 1800 rpm, it jumps to around 2800 rpm which seems to me like the transmission is slipping at this point and then it comes back to normal rpm within 1 or 2 seconds. Can you ple...
Has been unused for about a year. It started yesterday. We let it run about 10 minutes. Now it refuses to start again. Pease help.
Blower fan does not come in both in cooling or heating mode. you can see the fan speed going up by pushing the speed control.does not come in both in auto or manuel
I can change 4 of the 6 plugs. I do not know how to remove the things or points which there are on top of those plugs. Do I need to change those too? Thanks for helping
Is this any different than Maxima? How to connect the brake sensors?
I have a 1997 Mrecedes c280 that will not change out of first gear please advise on how to fix the the problem. Reverse work very well.
I cant get the car to crank until I shut the trunk real hard
when i want to turn my car on it takes me a few tries before it cranks but doesnt start til after about five tries.
when wanting to turn my car on,it usually takes about five or six tries before it starts.after it starts it runs fine.what can it be
I have a leak that does not appear to be coming from a hose. It runs down the firewall of the car on the drivers side and drips off of the transmission pan
please help my car bugged out on me today (1999 mercedes benz c280) and these are the codes that came up when i took it to the shop P0700 ( Transmission control systm) & P0715 (TUrbine/ Input Shaft Speed Sensor Circui...
when I start my car i will turn the wipers on and can hear ther motor but the wipers wont move. Someone said it could be the gears.. HELP!!
how to get access to battery?