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When I start my C 240 it idles and runs rough, like a vibration, but when it warms up it smooths out. Could this be associated with fuel injectors not working properly until the oxygen sensors kick in at the higher t...
I have a Mercedes 2002 C240. We've had the car no more than a year and have replaced atleast 10 lamps (brake lights, head lights, fog lights, marker lamps, turning lights) Anyhow, about a month ago we were driving and...
My 2002 Mercedes bens c240 the light for check engine is on, I took it to the auto zone to check it on the computer but they couldn't fine the computer.
The car battery is pretty new but it wont turn over, service b exceed messages comes on
Transmission will not shift out of 2nd gear. Gear display S/W does not indicate. ....and then all of a sudden,... Everything works
start new alternator battery is charged still getting check alternator battery
Where is the fuel pump located on a 2001 c240 mercedes
The automatic headlights are not working. The regular headlights work fine.
ABS, ESP, and BAS lights on dash are flashing. Misfire on #6 Comes and goes.
I think my radiator fan isn't working the correct amount of time so I want to replace the sensor.
As if it had feathered tire tread on in and out sides but they are not
The engine would still be runing and the fan would start immediately, once u off the ignition and on it all the headlight would come again
I get the turn signal flashing on the dash but not lights come on?