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When cool the oil level check is ok, but when warm the light comes on and says too full. Is it ok to drive and what is the cause?
the abs esp and bas lights come on
All I need to know is the location of the crank censor on my 2004 Mercedes C240.
I am replaceing the a/c compressor on my 2002 c240. Where is the air dryer located on this car?
How much engine oil does a gas powered 2003 Mercedes C240 4 matic take ?
Radio makes a static sound with car on or off.
I have a 2003 mbz c 240, 91,000 miles, Some times my car doesnt start and the check engine light comes on., i have to wait about 10 minutes and the car starts normaly, sounds like the is no gas, but the gas tank is fu...
I need to remove the rear door panel, window dose not role up
car is acting like it is not getting constant supply of fuel. only $20 for filter just need to know where it located to replace it.
where is the fuel filter locatated on a 2001 Mercedes C240
It happens whole the time and there are no malfunction lights. Moreover, sometimes (once in a week) engine stalling. I take off key for couple minutes and then engine runs again
At what point do you consider HIGH milage for the C240. Will they last in good condition over 150,000 or when do I get rid of it before problems begin? Mine is now at 110,000 miles
I had driven my car abt 90 miles the other day. I stopped to fuel and when i tried to start it again the car wouldn't start. It turned over like it was going to start but wouldn't. I repeatedly try to start it but it ...
About two weeks ago I had to replace the EGR sensor. The shaking is gone. However, Check Engine light is still on, giving the same code as before P0400 which is EGR sensor malfunction. I tried to reset the computer bu...
All of a sudden my cigarette lighter is not working, and the cassette shows a tape stuck message. The two problems did not happen together. The tape stuck message appeared after I had a hard street bump. The cigarette...
trany stuck in low - had it rebuilt- still stuck in low - show code po 715- shop had car for two months need help-
2001 Mercedes C240. What causes this problem? Can you drive vehicle with ESP light off? Or can you expect to become stranded?
Put gas in car while engine was on and car shut down. I tried to start the car, with no success. There was no problem with the battery. I tried to press the brakes but the pedal was stuck and I was not able to shift ...
loses power while driving as tho the gas is not getting to the engine. could it be the fuel filter. It has 77,000 miles
The passenger door lock fails to lock when the door lock button on the dash is depressed. It clicks and moves up and down numerous times after trying to lock only one time, but fails to go into the locked position. ...
My key will not turn the ignition. It appears to be locked. I can not crank the car. Please advise?
Is there an adjuster somewhere on a 2002 C240 to change the fan belt, or is one of the pulleys a tensioner?
Does anyone have problems with locking the car using the remote? When I lock the car with the remote, the fog lights blink non-stop and then the alarm will go off for no reason
I recently heard a rattling sound near the drivers side. It sounds like the muffler is lose and other times it sounds like a peeble in a tin can. The auto tech said it was the catalyic converter. How can I be sure if...
Recently, I hit a pothole. I heard a loud ding sound on my front right wheel. I checked underneath and noticed that there is a minor bend on the inner wheel. I did not have a blown tire, no vibration from my steering ...
How do you replace the glove compartment bulb? Is it safe touse a small philips screw driver?
Everytime I start the engine, the clock at the dashboard is reset. And I just realized that the trip info is not kept. While taking a long trip, if I turn the engine off, all trip info is gone.
The SRS Light is ON. How do you turn it off / Reset without a visit to the dealer? I have connected a Scanner to the Vehicle, but this problem does not show up on the Scanned Code List.