The "BREAK PAD WORN" BRING TO WORKSHOP light came on today. Is a special tool needed if I replace them myself?

Does anyone know what the diagnostic code P1999 for mercedez c240 means????

how do you know if the problem is with aux relay,would it make the fan run all the time or would it not run at all??

my auxillary fan keeps running need to know where coolant sensor is located on c240 mercedez 2004 sonkist@live.com

There is a gasoline smell in the car and it is making me sick.

Took my wife's 2004 C240 in for an A Service and one of the items found was a seal leak in the parking pawls. The cost of fixing this was $100 for the part, seals I assume, and $600 dollars for labor!! I didn't have that done yet as that seemed a bit expensive so wanted to find out more about this. What would a seal leak on the parking pawls cause and why is the labor for that so expensive?
Do they need to drop the trans to replace a seal? But even doing that, the labor cost seems very high. It's a Benz so expect cost to be above average, but that's a bit much I think.

two days prior wiper,indicator light and high beam stated coming on for a few seconds intermittently,this was followed by having to make atleast two attempts to start car.finally after trying to start on day two, the key could not turn in the ignition. doors were able to open and the spare key did not work either

I replaced a new battery in my c240 mercedes and signal lights, fuel
tank will not open , backtrunk release etc all not working.

Can someone give me the answer to this problem.

BAS light is coming up on my screen

I'd like to know how to replace the air filters? Anyone done this?
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how much for a brake job

how much to repair front lower control arms bushing

the other day my alternator battery light came on. then shut off so i was going to go home but i was pretty far. a few hours later the light came back on and stayed on for about 1.5 hours. and then the car died. i tried to start the car. it started but it would only run in idle. as soon as i hit the gas the car would die. it did this about 6 or seven times. so i took the alternator and had it and the battery tested. battery was dead, and the alternator tested bad. so i charged the battery and replaced the alternator. now the car will not start at all it just turns over. kind of at a loss no check engine light. or any other lights coming on. it might sound dumb but i was told that there might be some sort of reset procedure that is required after trying to start the car so many time unsuccessfully. or coincidentally something else might have gone wrong at the same time as the alternator.... what can i test or try....

When the car is warm I can start it everytime. When the car is cold I havae to turn it over many times before it starts. After that it runs great. No missing

My steering wheel whines and sometimes there is a clicking noise when I turn. Help.

Anybody have this happen? AC light goes on but fan dosent work. Was hoping someone had an idea how to fix this one.

when getting in car this problem is getting worse over time i maybe noticed wow car not cranking right away may 2 or 3 months ago but turn key sounds like not getting gas then vrooom... replaced battery this summer i am getting worried it will strand me what can it be?

My ASB and ESP light just came on , what's up ?? Are the brakes shot ? and ESP ?

The check engine light came on. Not really sure when, could have been after driving it up to 120 m/hr for a few minutes. It has been having problems starting in the mornings since it has been cold over night. It sputters on start up and sometimes needs two tries to start. When we stop at a traffic light the rpm go down so low that the car seems to want to shut off. This morning the car did not start at all. When I turn the key it sounds like it wants to start but can't get enough gas (this is just my female non mechanic input!!)after 15 seconds or so of trying to start running it shuts off. After it finally started, after about 30 minutes of trying and letting it sit for 10 minutes, a tremendous amount of white smoke was blowing out of the tailpipe. I did not want to get stuck on the road so left it at home. Any idea what this could be?

How often does the oil filter and oil need to be replaced.

Dashboard lights are completly out and when you turn the ignition nothing happens. All other components like radio, fan and lights work fine. Just changed crankshaft position sensor and when restarted all dashboard and warning lights lights came on and wouldn't go off and the gauges would not work.

Need to replace coolant sensor, don't know where it is?

BAS brake assist error message: mercedes mechanic replaced stop lamp 3 x's. It solves error message for one or 2 days and then I get the message again. has anyone solved a problem like this? Obviously, replacing the stop lamp switch isn't solving it. We clear codes each time. It never used to do that. what else could it be?

was driving in the snow and the esp warning sign come on soon the road is clear the esp sign went off

Replace or Fix this Module. How much? (Drains out battery overnight even a brand new battery)
Thank you.

substitute tail lamp on

what is the tail lamp?

the car run great, but at idel run rough. nor sure if filter
air or fuel. 80k miles. engine check light on dash

My ESP light keeps coming on in my Mercedes C240 and I can't accelerate when it comes on. If I cut the car off and start it again it will go off and I can accelerate again. I have had the acccelerator sonsor pedal, battery, alternator, air mass meter, software up-dated and now bein told that I need a Throttle Actuator replaced for $1700 and if that does nto work it could be the control box for $1400. I have already spent $1700 and the ESP light is stll coming on and I can't accelerate. Do you have any recommendations?

Why would the Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light come on and at one time during day? I just had my oil changed and the engine light came on again? the repair man said I needed to have my engine gaskets changed, I donot see any oil leaks where I park my car, has anyone experience this issue?