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when getting in car this problem is getting worse over time i maybe noticed wow car not cranking right away may 2 or 3 months ago but turn key sounds like not getting gas then vrooom... replaced battery this summer i ...
My ASB and ESP light just came on , what's up ?? Are the brakes shot ? and ESP ?
The check engine light came on. Not really sure when, could have been after driving it up to 120 m/hr for a few minutes. It has been having problems starting in the mornings since it has been cold over night. It sputt...
How often does the oil filter and oil need to be replaced.
Dashboard lights are completly out and when you turn the ignition nothing happens. All other components like radio, fan and lights work fine. Just changed crankshaft position sensor and when restarted all dashboard a...
Need to replace coolant sensor, don't know where it is?
BAS brake assist error message: mercedes mechanic replaced stop lamp 3 x's. It solves error message for one or 2 days and then I get the message again. has anyone solved a problem like this? Obviously, replacing th...
was driving in the snow and the esp warning sign come on soon the road is clear the esp sign went off
Replace or Fix this Module. How much? (Drains out battery overnight even a brand new battery) Thank you.
substitute tail lamp on
what is the tail lamp?
the car run great, but at idel run rough. nor sure if filter air or fuel. 80k miles. engine check light on dash
My ESP light keeps coming on in my Mercedes C240 and I can't accelerate when it comes on. If I cut the car off and start it again it will go off and I can accelerate again. I have had the acccelerator sonsor pedal, ...
Why would the Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light come on and at one time during day? I just had my oil changed and the engine light came on again? the repair man said I needed to have my engine gaskets changed, I d...
My car when I drive it over 85 MPH the check Engine light comes up for Engine mis fire, why is that happening?
Have 40000 miles on a MB C240 4matic. Just started noticing a rumbling noise when turning wheel at low speeds. Does not occur when turning wheel while vehicle is stopped. Do not notice when turning at speeds above ...
How can I use the hand free phone system in side my car?
I turn my car on in the summer and leave it for about tem min for the Air Condition to cool the car from inside, but after 10 min it's still hot, untill I drive the car in the Air Condition start working and I start f...
wwhat is a vavle body on the transmission an what is the price to fix that
Does this C240 need a timing belt changes and if so at what mileage mark?
Where can I find the on-board diagnostic plug on the C240
Found that the plastic piece from the regulator has broken. Where or can I find this piece? do I have to buy another regulator? any help would be appreciated ... I believe it is called a slide jaw or something?
Just recently rolled back window down and now it will not roll back up .... I hear the motor going up and down as I press the button, but no window comes up. What is my problem and what guesstimate for repair can you ...
The Coolant Level Engine & the washer fluid check level as well always appear on my screen i've put water on both of them turn of the car & then back on i drive & the same 2 warning appear. how can i fix this issue ?
When cool the oil level check is ok, but when warm the light comes on and says too full. Is it ok to drive and what is the cause?
the abs esp and bas lights come on
All I need to know is the location of the crank censor on my 2004 Mercedes C240.
I am replaceing the a/c compressor on my 2002 c240. Where is the air dryer located on this car?
How much engine oil does a gas powered 2003 Mercedes C240 4 matic take ?
Radio makes a static sound with car on or off.