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drier part nu. 2038350147 expansion valve part nu.2208300384 manifold hoses part nu.1122302256 1122303456 flush system 0 rings Ri34A
when traveling it goes down to first gear and it does not shift
A line to the transmission was detached but no apparent damage. Was reattached and fluid replaced, still will not drive. Can this be problem other than transmission itself. The car showed absolutely no probs with tr...
My gear just steef to gear one. it didn't change at all. only gear one is working. please what can cause this and how can I fix it.
when i leave highway i have to turm off then on to drive decent again but still shakey
Reconnected. Since then, warning light has come on a few times. This has never happened prior to disconnection. What else could have been effected? Thank you
everytime i lock or unlock the doors,how can you help me
My a/c is very cold but no cold air is coming out the top vents.
swiches check out had simeler case with crysler 300 hundred and maf sensor fixed problem any help would be appriciated
Frst the passenger door locks would cycle.( go up and down) now the driver side door is doing the same thing. Is it the controllers or soleniods? Why
I'm hearing a clicking noise from my dash so I need to take the dashboard off to find the problem
after how many km are you suppossed to change the air flow sensor.
My front breaks and rotors where bad it would mark on the dash i just replaced them but it steal marks on the dash what can the problem be or what can i do to take it off
That the coolant is low what can be the problem i dont like that the fan is on every day that i turn on my car and its loud and its like aselerated pls let me know what i can do to fix the problem im a mechanic but ne...
Can't find my brake light switch it to replace it
It died on the road the other day and has done this since
I find myself on my own, the ex left me his car, took my truck, and I just want to make sure I keep my driving costs down. I will be moving from So Cal to Kansas, lots of driving in my future. The car makes all kind ...
Ran the car ~2-3 months with check engine light on during that time also had tested which read for MAP sensor. Car lost acceleration at highway speeds during normal driving 70 mile daily roundtrip. Let the car "rest...
how to replace the cold start valve
The key works to unlock/lock car but the steering wheel is locked and so is the ignition, the key won't budge a millimeter. The car won't move out of park. Tried to lock/unlock, wiggle the steering wheel, leave the ke...
For 6 months has occasionally threatened to stall, with onset of colder weather would not start readily, holding accelerator halfway down seemed to help. Check engine light came on once 4 months ago and logged code th...
It hangs up almost on every atart and it doesnt die at every stop sign. Could it be the computer needs resetting?
...if I want to reverse to park, gear stick won't move from drive to reverse, until it wishes...less on rainy days.
I need to check the fuse for the audio.
There is a squeaky noise anytime i Drive over a pothole or a bump. I feel the squeak more when i have people seating in the back. I suspect the rear left strut, but when press down the trunk in order to bounce the car...
When I turn on the radio, I can see which brodband i am on but there no sound. And the screen by the steeringwheel says AUDIO.
The AC is turned off and we still notice that the left front side is heated and I can feel the heat at my legs (driver side ) , and at the right side we feel the board is cold and we notice small fog on the glass ... ...