Anyone has any suggestion?

I think my radiator fan isn't working the correct amount of time so I want to replace the sensor.

As if it had feathered tire tread on in and out sides but they are not

The engine would still be runing and the fan would start immediately, once u off the ignition and on it all the headlight would come again

hi everybody ihave c240 i'm facing prob witg cd charger, the radio is working but it's giving me no cd charger when i press cd botton i tried with two new cd charger but still the same prob please can you help me to solve it . thx for all

I get the turn signal flashing on the dash but not lights come on?

When my car running for an hour, it got stalled, won't start but after 30 mins cooling down, it start again & drivable for another 15 mins & stalled again. No problem when i start, when engine still cool.

i was travelling uphilland it was hot outside, would this cause the car to just shut off?

all the time.

I drove it out and came back with it and after a while it refuse starting even with the ignition and engine rolling. It was later discover that the spark plugs does not supply current

I drove my mercedes benz c 240 to the store turned it off got back in to the car when I was done and it started fine drove to a friends house got out the car was there about 10 to 15 mins got back in to the car started the car it turns on but it would putter then shut off I live in las vegas and it was hot like about 109 so I check the water and oil everything fine there is no malfunction that what it's saying so I let the car cool down for a couple hours went to try and start it and it won't start can anyone help me to try and find out what's going on and how can I go about fixing it thank you

The wheel is making noise and the car is not moving smoothly

The battery is brand new

It's fine when you start it and when you driving. It's when I come to a stop at a little I have to place it on neutral and give it gas so it doesn't die on me or some time when I press on the gas it doesn't do anything when it's on drive.

The flapping is not consistant and it doesn't always do it, but sometimes get pretty loud. Sounds like a coat belt hanging out the door. Sometimes, it also starts to do a loud humm after driving for about an hour. Any ideas?

I have a mercedes C-240 and it stalls out, I have had the ignition replaced, the key replaced and left it set for a few days once and it started. Nowit is stalled out again.

I have a 2005 C240 4matic and I keep getting a message stating that my right rear taillight is on I changed the bulb but the message come back I also pressed the reset button I'm still getting a message. what could this be.

When I put the key in the ignition it wont turn or engage. It acts as if it doesn't recognize it. This is causing the hold up on putting the car on the computer to read where my problems are. My new battery is not holding a charge. Something seems to running and draining it too. Another altinator has also been put in. Does anyone have a clue?

trying to crank my car, it will turn over but will not start

Has had a tune within a year. Has around 161,000 miles on. The driver sometimes let gas get low before feuling. There were know sign or warning that there was any problems with the car

The first drive of the day even when the weather is warm the car stalls as soon as it's put into gear. The rev counter drops and the engine cuts out. When you eventually drive off and travel 20 yards and stop the car does not stall, why does this happen?