ac fan #30 fuse did not blow. melted and caught fire sent numerous pictures over to mercedes along with part number 2035400050 which is not the correct pn
also the part has 08 2005 00 # below the part # The car was never touched prior to fire by any one except dealer.

Car begins turning over then stops . Happens intermittently . Could be a couple of things including fuel relay, fuse or crank sensor.

Dash display shows park. Console shifter in park position. Car rolls forward and backward. No start.

first time

What kind of diagnostic tool should I buy?

thaat can happen because my vehicle only take full synthetic

i drive car for 20 minutes, stop for 5 minutes. I try to restart, engine will not turn over. I hear no clicking or noise, but dash lights up. I wait 15 minutes car starts up?

Only get air out at feet and some off of top and side vents no matter where the air distribution is set. Checked fuses and vacuum which all seem good. Any help???

Gauges ,rpm,speed, gas all go dead. The radio turns off. The cat still drives. But there is a sound from engine like a fan picking up speed. I have to pull over put car in park
park, turn ignition off and pull out the key. I will put the key back in turn ignition and start the car. It starts just like normal. Sometimes it happens once or twice in maybe 30 minutes , sometimes it will hapoen numerous times back to back!!

I had to refill freon the last few years and the ac was always working after I filled it up. During the wintet I always turn the ac with the switch "ac off" out. A couple month ago I had the heat/ac blower motor at a Mercedes dealer replaced. Never tried the ac after that and when I try to turn the ac ooff switch out, it did not work. I cI bought freon and attached it, had engine running, and it shows ac filling in green and ok.

Stevie Ray1

I need new fuel pumps for my c240 Mercedes year 2001. The dealer wants close to $1700 and according to my research this is very high. Can someone please estimate the cost of parts for changing both fuel pumps and the other parts that may be needed. And how much for labor? I was told that they are buying two fuel pumps for $300 and $600 and then they have the rings etc they need to buy. This seems high and then they want $700 for labor? Anyone agree, this is very high for labor??

When I start my C 240 it idles and runs rough, like a vibration, but when it warms up it smooths out. Could this be associated with fuel injectors not working properly until the oxygen sensors kick in at the higher temperature? I've changed plugs, plug wires; found a lose wire & thought that might be it but no luck (other wires are secure).

61,874 miles....service A exceeded by 4400 miles...all electrical components are fine, when trying to start the vehicle it just clicks once? Check engine light comes on? Problem just began today. Vehicle worked all week with no issues.

It happens each time I drive the car but when I stop and pack for like 20 - 30mins it picks again and after some time it won't accelerate again till I pull over again.

My vehicle is not moving, it starts well, but the accelerator pedal is not accelerating the car. I do not know where is the problem coming from; 2 mechanic checked, but were not able to find the problem

Replaced the bulbs and ordered and replaced the whole brake unit board still nothing got two tickets from the police and they tell me to fix it. Dont know where the problem it is my rear left brake light everything works on the pad or unit the one u put the bulbs in but just cant figure out the brake light.thanks