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Stopped at a Shell gas station. filled 1/2 a tank of "gas", car started acting up, found out the gas station messed up. their delivery guy put diesel in their tanks instead of gas. so I got diesel in my gas tank. took...
My car won't start at all,...flashing DTR ...what does it mean
Have set on AC (not auto) with blower on and it's blowing cool air - then stops blowing at all for 1 to 2 minutes - then starts again like normal. Dealer say it could be the blower motor resistor? Thank you for your...
While driving, I had to slow down due to a driver that I was following approaching a turn. When we turned, the other driver took the turn very slow so, I also had slowed. At this time my entire car SHUT DOWN! I rolled...
bought the car 6 months ago and first time happened
Rear spring broke. the car is not driven hard and only serviced by the dealer. The car has 100500 miles. The driverside door pull is also broken. The Air conditioner stopped working and the dealer was unable to find a...
Is it common to have to replace the brake pads and roters when my C240 4-matic is only at 31000 miles?
how do I check and change a left mirror turn signal
Does it take any special tools, except for the filter wrench, to change the oil and filter?
I hear a certain rumbling from the rear of the station wagon, which I am advised is the differential. Am I into a few thousand dollars to replace?
Have 40000 miles on a MB C240 4matic. Just started noticing a rumbling noise when turning wheel at low speeds. Does not occur when turning wheel while vehicle is stopped. Do not notice when turning at speeds above 15 ...
I am wondering why the interior of my car gets so hot! I know its from the engine, but is this normal? My A/C conked out as well, so could that be part of the problem?
I'm changing spark plugs on my 2005 Mercedes C240 4matic for the first time and need to know what size deep metric socket to use to remove the original plugs? Thanks!
is it difficult for someone who is not a mechanic
where is the line located in this veh in which the r134 is to pumped in.