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My rear door locks quit working at the same time. The manual plunger on both doors came off. One door does not open from outside. One door makes multiple knocking noise.
to the car computer. Also, my brake light indicator is showing, but all of the brakes are in good condition without any wear???
I drove it yesterday morning and it drove great! Later, that evening I was getting ready to leave and it started ,than just went dead! I put my code reader on it and it came back with ... System Voltage P0596 I...
Not the dealer - but a very reliable European car mechanic. Tried two pumps in case first was defective. Flushed lines and replaced fluids which seemed fine
I bought the car yesterday and bought the fuel pump it needed and it worked. It started up rough and lacked a LOT of power And lagged acceleration. I turned it off, moved a few fuses in the main fuse box and tried tur...
my speakers are not givining sound.
The engine seems to be working fine and the car runs well, just that the message above is displayed after about 20 mins of running the engine.
I would obviousely be looking for one with a full service history. I really like the car, and would just like to know if that would be a good idea or not??
i went for car inspection codes 0105 and 0410 showed up what they mean?,
Had tranny replace and the old software was disposed of.
I had the head gasket changed, as well as the thermostat. There has been no definitive test as to why I am losing coolant. The dealer had my car for a week, and they tell me "it must be a cracked head. We can't really...
I just rotated the tires and changed the oil and the car runs fine.
In particularly hot or cold conditions, the fan seems comes on after the vehicle has been running for a while. Maybe five or so minutes. Sometimes it does not come on at all. Also, when driving on interstate on hot da...
a clicking noise lasts about 2 minutes, then stops
having problems turning on. I gave it a boost and took it to the Mercedes dealership. Once there, they informed me that I needed to replace the fuel pump and the gas pump. Did both and two days later my car didn't wa...
were is the part I can get to to charge the battery or get trunk open?
How much should a four wheel alignment cost? Where can I get it done?
Can I reset the maintenance schedule B light
Is there a recall for cam sensor. If so what is recall number?
When I start my car and put it in gear to drive, a light comes on. It looks like a face of a stop watch or maybe a light.
could this be a problem with the transmission
Replaced fuel pump and filter,cleaned injectors and installed new o rings. Car suddenly died before i did this. Plenty of gas pressure good spark car won't start. Could it be the crankshaft position sensor? The car wa...
this car has heat and ac controls on both sides and can heat one side of cabin and ac on the other side of the cabin at the same . I set both sides for heat the right blows heat and the left side blows ac with both ...
there is also a check engine light sensor that appears
now the car will not respond to remote prompts.
The light went off when I hit brakes real hard at stop light.