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my c230 is leaking water into the engine, i changed the oil cooler and head gesture but the problem still exist, my mechanic said we should change the engine!!! i need your advice please. thanks
Replaced one way check valve solenoid check hoses no change po410 cameback
engine running rough with check engine light on is it safe to continue to drive it?
There is a grinding noise coming from the supercharger and it looks like the clutch is cracking around it.
the wiper does not move at all but can hear the motor.
We have been unable to fill the gas tank even a little bit. And then the Check Engine light came on. Mechanic says the charcoal filter that cleans the emissions has to be replaced. How do we know what caused it to f...
Code comes up with wrench symbol when car is started - then is replaced by odometer numbers after about 30 seconds.
the lift and could see the leak indicated it was just the pan the estimate on the cost for the part and estimated time and cost to replace?......Thanks..
its at 1200 right now would like to no more about it and how to fix it thanks.
had oil changed with Ammco in memphis Tn. They put the wrong oil in, then later changed it back. This left a rattle in engine.
turns over but will not start battery good all lights on but car will not start
Do I actually need to change the brake rotors along with the brake pad as he recommended I do, or is it a money sucker and can I JUST replace the pads?!
Car runs good most times other times it surges. would this code (P0238) cause the surging? There is no fuel trim codes.
I had the codes read , this is what kept coming up !
One never knows when it will cease to blow. No reason. Just stops blowing when driving or starts a few minutes after the car starts. Weather does not seem to be a cause nor does humidity. Happens on heater as well as ...
when i switch it of it's stays there,how do i repair it?
i have mercedes c240 model 1998,from one week i have signal come's some times on the control panel written as " HI".I need to know what problem i have.thank's
vehicle turns over good like it wants to start but it does not.
plus had water in oil changed it and put sodium silicat in radiator
my car has been sitting for 6 months now I have turned it on and the engine is shaking and making a funny noise
My rear door locks quit working at the same time. The manual plunger on both doors came off. One door does not open from outside. One door makes multiple knocking noise.
to the car computer. Also, my brake light indicator is showing, but all of the brakes are in good condition without any wear???
I drove it yesterday morning and it drove great! Later, that evening I was getting ready to leave and it started ,than just went dead! I put my code reader on it and it came back with ... System Voltage P0596 I...
Not the dealer - but a very reliable European car mechanic. Tried two pumps in case first was defective. Flushed lines and replaced fluids which seemed fine
I bought the car yesterday and bought the fuel pump it needed and it worked. It started up rough and lacked a LOT of power And lagged acceleration. I turned it off, moved a few fuses in the main fuse box and tried tur...
my speakers are not givining sound.
The engine seems to be working fine and the car runs well, just that the message above is displayed after about 20 mins of running the engine.