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Use to open just fine with remote and the key, now the remote would wont work but still locks and unlocks all doors, panic button works. I have tried to open with key but wont even open.
there is an intermittent noise, sounds similar to a rough road or train track. Little jerk. Look under the car, the flex rubber is fine although did not inspect througly. The lft and right drive axel booth show oil ...
When you open the hood it's in front like a air thing
Car is missing I suspect on one bank when cold occasionaly
there is an oil leak from the electrical harness that goes into the gearbox just above the gearbox sump. what needs to be changed?
I had a hose replaced that busted. Had to tow car because still wouldn't start. There are no check engine light that comes on. Battery fully charged. Lights work. But it won't turn over. Is there a relay switch or som...
Diagnostic Codes are P0135, P0141, P0443, P0446, P 01335, P01236, P01420. P01525
It all started, but dont know if it has anything to do with it not starting now, when my son dropped a penny in cigarette lighter and it stopped working. So friend pulled the fuse cause I started to add smell smoke. O...
The transmission shifts fine in all gears 1-5 and reverse but does not seem to want to go into 6th it grinds when you release the clutch and wont stay in gear the handle moves into place but does not seem to latch in ...
had it checked code 715 what is turbine speed sensor check engine light comes on but goes off g
Replaced the alarm box at the dealer but still occurs, it has been to two different shops and no one can find a problem, any ideas?
ac will not come out in middle only on sides and top of dashboard why
Can the jolt from the impact damage the alternator?
It acts like it's going to start but dies immediately. Not sure if it's the crank sensor or not. I was driving along and it just died so I had it towed home replaced the fuel pump it started briefly till I got in to ...
When look at live data on my code reader under fuel system 1 it gives me a CL Fault when I give it the gas. What is it and what causes it?
2006 c230 sport 1180000 miles location of crankshaft position sensor
Car was idling rough then started to cut off while at a stop and idling anything below 1500rpm caused it to cut off. You could here it go in and out like it was choking for gas.Driving over 20mph it ran fine. Check En...