My car won't start at all and the warranty does not cover this ignition,

Get code 442 pertaining to evaporate syst but light will not reset

The problem occurs every time we put gas in the car.

but when engage in driving then stop smoking

Would this problem be the bulbs. I checked the fuses and they're OH.

Been running for 2 days after the new alternator. Fuses all ok. when I put the key (with new battery) I don't hear the sound like a zip.
Please, a little help of my friends .

Car never gets really warm anymore unless I have the defrost on in winter temps. Blows warm on driver's side. Same with the air...it never really gets cool enough in the summer time.

Will there be any more problems


I need to repair these to pass inspection.

I must refill water in coolant resivoire regularly is it a bad thermostat, just an eroded gasket around the houseing, a temp sensor or a water pump? Help

after bringing my car to my Mechanic he check it out with his computer he said all is good .today after a long drive the info board on the dash ask me to add a 1/4 of oil , i have 109.000 no smoke or anything am i leaking oil somewhere ..

I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz c230 kompressor and my dilemma is i got up the Saturday before last and my tried to move my car but it would not start at all. Now, I know when my car is good to start is because when I turn the key to the on position the alert for met put on myself belt begins to beep. But this time when I do it there's no beep as i turn the key to the on poaction and the ignition doesn't engage. I've already tried the bypassing the ignition, checked the starter relay, tried jumping just to get it more power, i have even did the pressing the both lock and unlock button on the key itself and still nothing. My question is this...could the sensor play a role in it not starting or there a disconnection or short that causing the Problem? Please give me an answer as soon as you possibly can thank you

I have change it three times and after a while (2 to 3 weeks) it keeps making terrible sound when on load, like air condition is on or is on drive in traffic when on stop

I had an exhaust manifold gasket replacement. Now the fan is loud.

I have never had any problem with the key switch, but Saturday i turned the key switch and i got this short "cli" not even a full click into the motor turning over. I tried turning it back to the starting position and repeating the process of starting it again and this time no click, nothing. I tried troubleshooting like unhooking the battery in efforts of resetting the computer. And still nothing. I was told that when these cars need maintenance done to it the car will automatically shut down after the mileage has exceeded. Well, there's little wrench that pops up on my display window indicating that the maintenance is due in another 700 miles. Is this at all true because I really need help on this one.

fuel pump and filter replaced by dealer noies stil comes and go's

disconnected immobiliser but problem has continued. IT is actually a C200 MercBenz 1999 model.
Each time I start the engine, it will run for a while, then suddenly goes of with all features on dash board becoming on. immediately I try to restart the engine, it just crunks but do not start; hours later, the engine starts.