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It is hard for me to change gears in my car, I have had the fluid replaced and flushed once and it was fine should I do it again or is the clutch bad????
The ext parking lights on my 98 C230 will not come one. I have replaced the bulbs and fuses. The int lights (Dash, Radio,Aux) still come on...just no ext lights. Headlights/Brake/Reverse/Signal still work. What is t...
Diodes for the odometer started going out and now the clock is goin bad. Car runs fine other wise. Speedometer and other lights all seem to be fine. Have about 140,000 miles on it What is the estimated cost to fix
after putting head gasket on what is the timing that you set it on
I am a student who drives 90 miles to and from school multiple times a week plus work almost 30 miles away. I put on a lot of miles and i have tried many different tires but they all seem to wear out extremely fast. A...
I got new brake pads and my brakes still squeek. I only have 32,000 miles on the vehicle.
we recently had our 2005 c230 kompressor in for repairs because the transmission in the steering column quit working and it had to be replaced. when we received it back after the repairs we noticed that the radio has...
What do the EC and REST buttons do, on the climate controls (CCU). Also, where is my cabin air filter, and how do I replace the one that is in it. I NEED a manual, any leads? Thanks!!! Answered some of my own qu...
on a 1999 slk 230 mercedes kompressor(inline).keeps cutting off.if you sit there for a min you can sometimes start it back up.yhe other day cut off again would not start.turned over but would not start.(question cam/c...
always produce warm air in all conditions, never cool air
first time i tried to clean the engine with ae engine cleaner. and now car wont start. and no clicking whatsoever.
What's the typical cost for brake pad(s) and rotor(s) for 2005 Mercedes Benz c230?
These are the codes that were found on my check engine light.I replaced the mass air flow 2 mo ago and I replace the EGR valve. It is still stalling out when idling. It is like it gets too hot and shuts down. I al...
I replaced the EGR valve and it is still stalling at redlights...could it be something else?
how do I add refererant and where is the connection port on a c230 compresser coupe 2003
None of the needles move when I turn the car on. I don't know how fast I am going or how much gas is in the car. Is this an electrical problem or a fuse problem?
i tried to replace my parking lighjt bulb.i attempts to pull it but it wont come out
my car started shaking like i had put bad gas in it. now it has a popping sound when i try to start it and when i put it in gear it stops running.the check engine like is also on. does anybody know what this problem c...
I would like to purchase a cd changer online for my car that has the actual installation wiring in the glove box. It has two seperate wires with plug-ins attached.Can I just attach myself or will I have to set it up w...
where is the oil drain plug. Is it the plug near the freeze plugs
Where is the valve to recharge the AC?????DO I need special equipment??
Having problem ejecting the CD magazine from the changer. Display showing NO CD CHANGER . how can I fix this
The automatic lock system sounds like it's slipping when the door is locked. I'm wondering if it's been recalled. The dootrs are locked but it makes extra tapping sound when it being locked. Also, how much for repair.
The fuses have been changed several times and upgraded from 15 amp to 20 amp and they keep blowing everytime you cut the car off and start it back up. These fuse regulate my gas gauge and speedometer and other gauges...
My keys no longer open up my doors. is it a sensor or just need to replace the keys?
Where is the freon installed on a c230 kompressor sport mercedes benz 2004
where is the air conditioner unit located on a c230 kompressor sport mercedes benz 2004 (4 dr )
where's the car battery located?