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It goes around the heater control nobs, the radio, the temperature control wheels, etc. I need to remove it so I can replace the center vent controls. I know there are two screws on the bottom lip close to the ash tray. After that, I'm unsure how to finish without breaking it.

2000 C230 with 56000 mile on it.DO ihave a timing belt or chain and when do i replace it? thanks......

the car. What could be causing this problem? Thank you.

Took the car to dealer,they said i need new battery, i never have a problem with starting the car, starts right up.They want $400 for a new battery installed.

Car runs fine once it starts, but it is difficult to start. I have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter/pressure regulator. Any ideas on what is causing the problem?

BAS/ESP warning light stays sometimes.Is it something I need to fix right away.Will It cause my car to fail the annual safety and emmission inspection?

Please provide cost for part and labor.

following per OBD codes are not ready - catalyst,evaporative system,secondary air system,oxygen sensor,oxygen sensor heater.

Grinding occurs when turning the steering wheel left or right. Could this be the tie rod?

I have to charge my battery every morning for about half an hour just so my car starts. Once i turn my car off and wait for a couple hours, it won't turn back on due to my battery being dead. If i charge my battery for longer than 30 minutes, ex; 4-5 hours, i'm able to turn my car on after a couple hours compared to not being able to when charging it half an hour.

What do I need to take apart to replace the cruise control switch on my car.

got po 170 and replaced maf meter ...still light came on

I have my reset codes but my radio will not turn on.

oil leak from coolant vaccum pump to a hose

Need to change fuel filter. Can't find where it goes.

Acts as if not getting fuel- sputters- Starts but can't accelerate. Ran perfectly before we changed battery

i need to know the location of the gas relay to replace

My dealership says that to change the altenator and a belt tensioner will cost $1600 because of having to remove the turbo to get to it. I have a c230 kompressor. Does that sound reasonable to you??? I'm a lady with no car repair knowledge.

sat for a little over a year. put new battery in and all electrical comes on but not a sound when I turn the key. I want to start with checking the starter. Any little secrets that I should know about before I dig into that area. I just bought the car, so I'm not the one who let it sit

Hi, battery is dead, I change and I need to know my car's radio code dont have the owners manual its number is WDBHA24G6XF760765.
Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Noise like metal on metal coming from driver side front of engine when put in reverse and sometimes when idling. Noise goes away when moving in drive.

is there any particular number or brand name for my car's oil filter

my 4 year old battery was dead and I replaced it and the next day it was dead again??

AC stopped coling, so I tried adding coolant, but it will not take it. What could be the problem? I've replaced the compressor three times in the last two years....agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2004 C230 has 57,000 miles on it (Pacific Northwest)and it now needs the intake manifold gasket replaced. I don't want the dealer to do the repair for obvious reasons ($$$)...Can anyone give me a ballpark cost for a qualified mechanic to replace my gasket? The part is less than $10, so I know the cost is pretty much all labor...thanks in advance for your help...

gas gage quit

last week my car stop working. 1st - it crank but did not start. So I checked the Fuel Pump, Battery, Ignition Coils is good. I ended up replacing the Cam & Crank Shaft Sensor and still the same results...NO START. I Then replace the MAF sensor and still no start. Yesturday, I tried to start it again thinking maybe it was flooded the day before..and same result. Today I tried starting it again, now the car wont Crank & Start,cant hear the Fuel pump going, no clicking on Starter..but Battery is good...All Windows,Stereo,lights are on. I did notice burning smell right by the (MAF & Wiring Connections,Ignition) areas. I Need help!!!

anyone has some brief instructions or things to keep in mind &watch for thermostat and coolant change ?

Where is crankshaft Position Sensor located on my car? Picture Diagram if Posible. Cranks but will not start.

The Check Engine light started coming on after 5 minutes on the road. Sometimes the fuel gauge empty light starts blinking, and sometimes the dashboard 'lights on' icon is lit when the lights are not. All this just started this week.
Does this sound familiar? Looking for help.