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i have check engine litght on idle air control is the code what can you tell me about it


First blinkers went out, then hazard lights went out, then I tried to turn on the windshield wiper only to be literally shocked by the switch, the blade stopped in it's tracks at the same time, and the switch began to smoke. ANy ideas?

On the original 1999 C43 AMG what size where the all four AMG monoblock aero 2 alloys? Sometimes called the dish rims,alloys. And can I get them in chrome instead of the original alloy finish? I heard you can but like to make sure. Will they fit my 1994 C180 Sport?

Will the front, back bumpers, side skirts and C43 AMG 'Back Box' with twin chrome tips fit on my 1994 C180 sport?


Will the front, back bumpers, side skirts and C43 AMG 'Back Box' with twin chrome tips fit on my 1994 C180 sport?

auto transmission lever will not move . cannot take it out of park. what is problem?

My car won't switch into gear. When I put it in drive or reverse nothing happens. Has anybody had this problem? If so please send me info on how to deal with this problem. The problem started today which is the first time

My 1996 C220 has a security breach, from using a new key, the tumbler loocked up, the lights in the rerveiw mirror flashed green and red, the car stop starting, took to the dealer in Tiffin Ohio gave them $275 had to pay to tow home 70 miles. I have the tumbler to move now but still won't start.

how to replace throttle body

How do I replace throttle body assembly

Why would it jerk when it goes into gear.

When I turn on the AC, the engine RPM's changed and I believe the compressor turns on, but only really hot air comes from the vents. The temperature controls do nothing to change the temperature of the air. It is as if the Heater is stuck on. Could the problem be the Dual Valve or the Evap Temp Sensor?

Just recently, as the temperatures have risen here in Florida my car is having trouble starting. If the car sits all day in a parking lot and the internal temperature of the car indicates 100 plus degrees the car won't start. If we wait until the sun goes down and the car cools we have no trouble whatsoever. Just today, car started at 8:15 AM just fine, ran two errands (stopped and started) at third errand the car wouldn't start. It was parked in shade, I waited fifteen minutes and the car started. I drove a couple of miles to my next destination, (around 11 AM) stopped car and tried to restart about 10 minutes later. The car wouldn't start. Tried again at 3pm, the car was VERY hot and wouldn't start. Going back tonight around 8pm and I expect to not have any trouble. This has just started in the last couple of weeks. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh and btw, the car has 219K miles....

does anyone have a diagram of the removal sequence of the upper control arms of a c-220 mercedes

need diagram of front upper control arm removal

what part will be needed to repair the A/C.
The Main problem that i have is that the A/C is not working properly. A/c will star working and cold air will blow. but after a minute warm heat will star flowing.
would the a/c module control be the solution to have the a/c to work normally

my 1994 c220 crashed a couple of weeks ago. it cranks but doesnt start. i have changed crank shaft sensor, com shaft, fuel filter, coils and still doesnt start.

My wiper blade only works on the fast setting, and when I shut it off, it will stop wherever it is, rather than return to the resting position.

Is this something that I can fix cheaply and relatively easily, or should I just deal with it?

Is this possible?

Where is the MAP Sensor located? Have purchased a new one and need instructions on location so I can replace it.

what does the code P1137 mean for my car, the light just came on about 3 days ago

What could be the cause of a roar noise in the belt tensioner pulley area. I have replaced belt and pulley. Still get the noise.

stering wheel is lock and key will not turn at all, do it have to be in 3 2 POSITION TO TURN

Alarm beeps 3 times detecting that the boot is open,yet it isnt.

Does the c220 have a transmission fluid dip stick and if so is it seal?
My car is shifting hard when I brake and has lost power when shifting up. It seems to take forever to get up to speed.
The car is an automatic.
Thank you,

The Ac compressor does compress the refrigerant when ac is put on.Checked the supply at the clutch coil terminal,we get 12v dc however no change shown in the pressure gauge.Is it compressor failure? if so how to confirm if the compressor needs replacement.

Every three months or so, my car will act up when I'm stopped at a light. It will shudder and then stall. It starts up right away.
It does this a couple of times a day for about a week, then it will run fine for the next few months.

Anyone else have this problem? Could it be the change in temperature?

Ho do I remove the cooling fan strut (sometimes called the belt tensioner shock) to replace it?

We checked the fuel pump that is not the problem. When it randomly starts it will die after a few moments of running. Sometimes the anti-theft lights flash this is also random. Car died while backing out of driveway. It had run a little rough very randomly acting like it was not getting gas however this would subside.