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Head light do work when turned on, just the rear light are off
Car has a hard bounce in the rear. Feels like a lowrider at times.
air condition works great, when the hot car is parked shortly, I get heat in 2 side air registers mixing with the cold air. when it happens I shut down the 2 registers and divert the cold air to the center registers b...
I am not sure what happened it went in as it wouldn't go into reverse any more then I get it back & it wouldn't go into Drive or reverse it is a rather expensive repair I paid for the repair & like I said I got it bac...
Car starts and runs but it runs rough and then it cuts off in less than a min. getting fuel and fire just fishing here for some help
There is no cable wondering if there is a sensor or what possibly could be the problems..thanks
How do I turn the volume down on the radar detector?
Can someone please tell me where the starter is located in my 93 Benz 500SEL
The car does not engage gear when sifted to reverse. High rpm will get to creep along just bearely moving. Forward gears work perfectly and car drives fine. I dont know if tranny is about to quit or something specific...
when my mb500sel get up warm the oil gauge go under number 1 when is cool go up number 3 thas normal? something grown wit the pressure oil?
Check engine warning light is on. Is there any way I can reset this? What should I be checking? It's been on for over a year now. I replaced fan belt and there's a squicking sound in the mornig but when the engine ...
1985 Mercedes, haven't run in a while. Charged battery but doesn't seem to be getting gas to carborater. Won't keep running.
I am having issues where the vehicle is actually dropping oil pressure when it gets hot. when you get to about 2000 rpm the oil pressure drops and the red light comes on. the pressure sensor has been tested and works ...