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ok hello i have a 1993 400sel it has a problem with spark plugs, I replaced with new ones and the car is backfiring. i used ngk preset spark plugs, it was running fine for a few days when i was driving it around the b...
sometimes they work and at times do not work.
how can I check ,fuse ok, how do I jump compressor, Help
when the air cond is on it blows cold air for a little while and then it blows hot and cold air.
I dont need the power steering pump just a new hose.
My car hesitates in drive but runs fine in park and the transmission is fine. What could cause this problem when the transmission is perfectly fine?
How do I adjust the windshield wiper arms? The divers side keeps banging when going back to the parked position.
hood ornament fell off need to know how to put it on
The battery is drained every two days, and other devices such as windows don't operate email is
When the A/C is on the driver side back seat floor gets very wet, please help.
approx price ro fix low oil presure