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this is the frist time this happen. My blower is not blowing.When I turn the switch it just makes a wistering sound not loud.
This did not start until I had upper control armp r/r upper control arm & idler arm repair done when changing front tires. It sounds like small metal pieces.
After finally reaching level ground it then takes off. In August I had work done on the front end. This started occurring after that.
After finally reaching level ground it then takes off.
how is the driver door panel removed
failed emission test,clucth does not appear to be working
left turn signal activates right signal also turns stereo on and off. maybe something in the steering column
Approximately every year and 1/2 depending on how much you drive the car in a year's time,it seems to lose power or feel like it is out of gear. Then, when you accelerate heavily to keep the car moving, the RPM's go w...
what should fuel pressure specs, and volume be?
is the filter by the gas tank passenger side?
I am considering purchasing a 1992 Mercedes Benz 400SE with 244,000 miles. It is in emmaculant physical condition inside & out, however I've yet to drive it to see how it performs. Based on the history & reputation of...