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Recently my headlights have stopped working. I was chasing an issue with my taillights and it seems to have migrated. I was having one tail light come on but not the other. Thought it may have been the tail light hous...
manual tells you what causes alarm to activate but does not tell you how to deactivate
Because it loses power . So you have to turn the key on and off and hold the switch to close.
Without holding the switch down to close and turn the key on and off
Also on the center panel in car.
At first it would start when i turned the key on , I could go a few blocks turn the key off and then back on and it would stop. Lately its been just staying on.
a/c fan motor squeaking and I want to replace it
I checked the fuses in the fuse box under the hood and found they all worked. Is there a special fuse for the seats and cruise control?.
i am getting an error code of E2 on the stock radio some one suggested i check the fuse,located in the trunk???
when running idle it seems to be building heat but there is little to no fan/blower speed to heat/defrost the cabin,when traveling it seems to pick up and blow a little harder but not much.also it doesnt seem to chang...
heater don't blow air , it was working good then just quit .
gas peddle go into safe mode too.
transmission seems to slip & not engage properly. Do you think transmission fluid too low? or more serious???
The a/c on my 92 MB 400e blows cold for a while and the stops blowing cold. After about 10-15 mins it will start blowing cold again. also, where is the is the cabin filter located on this car?
The washer fluid light is continuously on even though there is enough fluid in reservoir. I disengaged the wire to the sensor and cleaned the terminal. I then removed the sensor element and soaked it in warm soapy wat...
Car was running great but out of the blue, when I put on AC, car konked off at stop light. Now, pickup is poor and it looks as though car could stall upon stopping. Once speed is attained(>45 mph), car is smooth
My air is not blowing but the compressor comes on. I checked the fuses and they are fine. I want to check the fan but i don't know where it is. Help!
Both reverse lights for my 1992 Mercedes 400E have gone out at the same time. Is this a fuse or wiring problem? If so, what is the remedy? Thanks.
Help! This car has duel fuel pumps. It was running on one pump just fine.
Temperature gage stay low below 50c even new termostate being replaced.
My ac is working air is cold but air is not blowing
i used a 3/16 allen key for the others just not enough space on the last bolt
There is nothing in the book about this
The light stays on until the car is turned off. When restarted the light is off and may or may not come back on. All it takes is barely touching the brake pedal to cause it to come on. The brakes work fine so I'm thin...
It runs lean and very rough for the first few minutes. After the warmup, the emission control air compressor stops, and at the same instant, begins idling good and runs great. It sometimes stalls when it's warm, an...