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Driveway also has rust stains under car (front). Possibly related?
We recently had the motor changed out on the car. We also had to replace ignition tumbler with new keys. When doing so the dash was taken apart and we found where all goes except where to plug in the transmission lo...
Car has 263k . No smoke issue and this car sits around a lot. May put 3k on it per year
just started
fuel pump on left side of engine has a leak
Son has a 1981 300SD that cranks but will not start. We have checked the fuel lines, changed filters, primed, checked glow plugs, glow plug wires, fuel comes out of injector pump, comes out of the fuel lines at the i...
The problem happens after driving at higway speeds for apbout a hour then the transmission will downshift onto lower gears and will not go back into 4th
Is there an access panel under the mat in the trunk?
Driver side door lock is jammed so that the key won't turn, lock or unlock. The lock itself works when locking from the passenger door. Tried jiggling, but no effect. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks!
I found only one fuel filter on the front of the engine. It was simple enough to replace, but I failed to fill the new filter with fuel first. I have cranked the engine enough that the new filter has fuel, but it wi...
It had not been driven for a year. The Battery was replaced 6 months ago, along with the spark plugs. The glow plug indicator does not turn on on the dashboard anymore. My issue is it will turn over (crank) but not s...
My cruise control works but it will not stay engaged for more than a minute. Any thoughts?
this will be my only car my commute to work is 60 miles. the car is in excellent condition. do i do it?
top of the injection pump where the lines go in leaks fuel.i would like to no if theres o rings.and if i can change them my self.