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I search and found massive oil in the coolont reservoir. The car is "new to me" I love it , but would like to have it fixed first. the winter is coming. Any suggestions. Oh: motor starts with first turn, runs smo...
How many hours of labor does this job take?
I have a 1991 300te 4-matic and need to replace the rear auto leveling shocks with regular shocks . Is there a kit that can make this job alot simpler?
Hydraulic fluid pumps out of the breather that is on top of the unit behind the transmission. It looks like it is a seperate unit between the transmission and transfer case. I might be wrong and it might be part of th...
The 4matic light is flashing. Every other flash I hear a click under the dash. Any ideas?
I don't want to burn up the pump. What should I unplug? The guy I got the car from said he replaced an o-ring in a sending unit above the cross member and it stop[ped the leak for about a year. Any idea what part he ...
how do you remove the left tail light cover? Any diagrams to reference?
i have a 1991 300te wagon, my question is that, how can i fold down the rear seat of my car?
when I press the break it goes sponggie when stopping and when I pump the break it goes back to "normal".This is happening every now and again. Any suggestions? thanks
Very loud noise in wheel bearing when driving
Car to be purchased used in florida and re- registered in ca. Florida emissions are very lax. Concern is whether it can be legally registered in Ca.
Occasionally starter will not work when in "Park" or "Neutral" or or sometimes both. What could be the cause ?
My ABS kicks in hard when I brake. I keep my foot on the brake and it fights me! It is pushing up and takes longer to brake. Sometimes I wonder if she will stop. The 4MATIC light comes on too. Does this mean the...
Where can I find a diagram to fix a cut line to the front wheels (AWD) on the 4matic? What do I look for & where?
How much would it be for just both rear bearings parts without the service of someone fixing the bearings?
Which is the correct rear differential for the 300 te 4matic. What is the part number? Where can I get a rebuilt unit? Thank you! Armin
need timing chain points diagram?