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car has approximately 140,000 miles, just changed the transmission filter and fluid. Then 3 week later it car stop going into reverse when it's cold.
My vehicle wasn't moving after a couple months.of sitting so I've changed out the filter and fluid and still it wants to go but doesn't at all . Any advise
drove car back from Ventura. after 50 miles transmission shifted to a lower gear. pushed gas pedal and car shifted into higher gear. Condition continued so drove at a lower speed until I parked the car. Went to start ...
the ac is charged but the blower motor does not work in any position
I remove hard top and soft top was operatin fine then I put hard top on and could not get it to lock on the back just the front part locked, so I remove hard top manually and now the soft top wont work?
The red light on the roof switch flashes and also there is a beeping noise .... Please give any advice you can .... Thanks
It just started this about a week ago. I checked the fuse box and all the fuse are good. I push the roll bar back in place and as soon as I make a turnthe roll bar comes up. Is this a problem that a should be conce...
1992 mercedes sl300
oil is good and seems to be normal otherwise. gages normal. at idle it does not do this.
Hello, my 300SL, if you are standing more than eight days, begins to rateres chokes and ends up not walking already busted with the catalysts, was replaced the spark plugs, rotor and cap distribution, I do not know wh...
Bought a new MB mahoangey shifter. Is it easy to change? New one has treads and a small slot on the bottom
Should i change the chip to get more horsepower/ect. And will it screw up the engine . What would be a good chip to buy?
Replaced the switch and did not fix. Replaced the motor and did not fix.
The blower fan on 129 not working. How to check.
How do I fix the Sliding Panel that covers the cigarette lighter?
What is the best way to unlock seat belt when it is locked