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Replaced the switch and did not fix. Replaced the motor and did not fix.
Good, yesterday when I went to remove the hard top, I was completely disappointed when you press the button on the console, gave no sign ... the remedy was to take it manually and successfully, what was my astonishmen...
Hello, that's it, I have a 300SL 1992, when it stopped about eight days, "stutters / fails, " and do not walk "ráteres, I swapped the rotor, spark plug cables etc. ... the problem is not is solved .... Somebody help m...
Hydraulic fluid, where does it go?
we are leaking hydraulic fluid and the automatic top won't work correctly now. We cannot figure out where to add the fluid,or where the reservoir is? please advise. thx
The blower fan on 129 not working. How to check.
when car parked with alarm on it sometimes goes off at random maybe once a week or every other week
How do I fix the Sliding Panel that covers the cigarette lighter?
brought car in for new starter, startre replaced. mech had top down for final inspection, put top up, now nothing. all the obvious gone through. still perplexed.
The economy meter very often fails to work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't at all. Timing and tuning done. When the meter works, the car functions very smooth and with good pick up power. Otherwise it dra...
The trunk badge for my 300SL has been stolen, and I need to buy a new one. How interchangeable are these badges? I'm being told different part numbers and have as a result become pretty confused. Any help?
i have a new radiator,had the thermostat checked,changed the cylinder head seals
What is the best way to unlock seat belt when it is locked
air condition blows warm air fully charged with freon
Hello i have a 90 sl 300 and it starts up and idles fine but when i start to drive it it has no power to get over 50 unless i feater the gas. I have chage the fuel pumps,flow sensor, plugs, and both converters.
WhenI first start the car, it idles rough and will stall when i pull out, I have to let it warm up about 5 mins. the it runs great....
Leaking water in the near the middle of the motor or between the fire wall the water runs out of the plastic holding tank after 50 miles and now the motoer get hot after diving about 4 miles, I have no water in my oi...
I installed a heater blower motor in my 300sl. And the motor only blows on the lower speed. When i first installed it the motor blew on all speeds. After five minutes in only blows on the first speed..
I had a small leak under my car and now the car hover heats and the water bubbled in the resivor, do I have a blown head gasket or a cracked block. I took it to a shop and the man drove it again until it got hot and h...
soft top does not open. Replaced switch control modual was rebuilt
Every once in awhile, when I am driving and turn on the blinkers, the dash acts like I just turned the key off and then right back on....The car runs fine during this...It's crazy... Any thoughts? This sometimes happe...
When I push the key fob to lock the car... I can hear the noise like it's trying to lock everything but it doesn't lock. Any thoughts?
There is a leak that has not been able to be replicated by spraying around seals. However after heavy rains, water accumulates. What are the possible issues? The car radio has shorted out the amp fuse.
Where is the oil filter located
this car is actually a 1984 380SL . It only blows cold air and no warm or hot air at all, even in the heat position. I wonder if the diverter door is stuck.....or..... any help out there? Just purchased this vehicle...
I have a 1993 300SL that has just developed this awful loud noise when I turn the steering wheel in either direction. I checked the power steering fluid and it is full. The noise appears to be coming from under the ca...
I let the battery die and cant get at it cause the battery is in the trunk and it wont unlock cause of power locks
My tranny is leaking.How do I change the transmission filter