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What transmission is in this car 3 speed or 4 speed?
I have checked the fuel pump ;is there a fuel pressure sensor and if so where is it? Can anyone please help!!!!!!
The light in the back light will not turn off. I need top know what to do to turn it off? Is there a switch?
And if so is it better to buy a brand new one or is getting a rebuilt one just as good thanks and I look forward to my answer
no fuel is present at end of fuel line before injecter.Presure present at distributor
Key will not turn ignition on to start car. I need to replace the ignition key barrel assembly. I cannot take the barrel out as the steering lock is on. How do i remove the assembly from car.
Auto Havac control hen set for heating but warm air is not blown into?
I have never owned a Mercedes before. The vehicle I recently purchased does not have any information on how to operate any of the controls or what they are. For instance, I need to know how to use the heater, fans, ...
I need the light to be on to read the position of the auto transmission at night.
position but not turn any further what is the problem?
car will take off and when it decelerates it will cut will re start some times right away and other times it wont. It will idle.sometimes it will barely accelerate or pick-up the fuel. car had sat for 4 yrs. in...
fuel leaking from the rear middle of car when motor is running
The car was chilly on the trip south from Idaho in zero degree weather. The coolant is up to level. The blower is magnificent. The heater hoses are hot. The engine temperature is 85 degrees centigrade. It seems t...
I recently packed the front bearings. also replaced the steering damper. and car still vibrates steering wheel at low speed, once it passes 20 to 22 miles the car smooths out. It does not seem to be the transmission a...
where is the fuel filter located?
This occurred within the last 24 hours. We have owned the car for 5 years with no problem until now.
can't find model and year, what options do i have
hi i need help cause im new to mercedes benz cars im wondering where is the fuse box locate at
hi i just bought my car and they told me that it needed a new water pump if my car make a real loud squick sound when i push down the peedle what does that mean
i need fuel pump wiring diagram.
won't start but there is power from the sparkplug. The fuel pump is working but no gas coming from in the injector. There is no power from Bosch K electronic mechanical fuel injection
I have a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL the A/C Blows Cold but you can not adjust the temperature in the car if you adjust the temperature the A/C blows hot air and you can not get cold air again until you turn the car of...