Cigarette lighter out. Trying to find fuse

I cannot locate this information in the owner manual.

1000,000 miles

It does it on every ride and every start

My front and back is low I started car and let it run it never change 2007cls 550 the back was low an the past ,But when I started car it would rise.This is the first time front and back was low.

Sometimes my car gets stuck in park. I have to shut the car completely off. Then restart it. Sometimes, I have to repeat these steps two to three times before it will work. Why does this happen?

Switches working erratically,and windows do not go up and seal after door is closed. Convertible top switch light is on constant red.

Where are fuses?

Main battery died overnight, and vehicle was purchased used, without a valet key. Neither the engine key, nor the driver's switch will open the trunk, in order to access the main battery. How can I gain access to the trunk? Must I purchase a valet key? Will the valet key be based on the VIN?

when driving regular speed the car kicks back/jerks only once. It doesn't do it often but i realize it needs checking out. There are no diagnostic codes that appear when this happens. Could it be the oxygen sensor?

I have tried to cut on headlight wipers. the headlights were on and the wipers were on but nothing happened with the headlight wipers

How restore data back onto mercedes benz s550.

My car won't start ITS got power just wants to start it sounds like but won't turn over I tried to jump it that didn't work please help

does the c280 take synthetic 5-40 oil - my oil light comes off and on.

cd makes noise and got stuck needs to take it apart

Took for drive and came back and it would not back up. The reverse light came on but ut wouldn't back up

Command Center gives out a message "Please start the engine otherwise COMAND will shut off in 10 seconds"
this happens while driving also Comand center will never turn on when I start the engine I have to manually turn it on and off.

Need to take out radio for repair

My auxiliary battery malfunction light came on. What do I do?

Looking for the main fuel injection harness what 95 SL600 help

I have a 2006 mercedes c230 and my display is telling me that the car needs a level b service , what does that entail ?

engine turns over 5 sec before starting

show me where the transmission stick is at

This problem happen everytime car sit up without running for a day.

First time this has happened

I know the switches Are bad. The motor on driveside seems dead also. I tried hot wiring it back up but got nothing.

also, the steering wheel does not rise up or down anymore

I need tire size

The fob sometimes turns it off by locking and unlocking quickly, but then it just goes off again. I tried the middle console switch also, sometimes works but as soon as I get out and shut the door it goes off again! Last night it did it every hour or so and I found that starting the car stopped it, weird! Turned it off, closed the door and didn't even touch the fob and 15 mins later, here we go again! Had to disengage the battery finally. What could be causing this? Could it just be a code that needs to be reset?? Please help! Neighbors not happy!

it almost feels like a flat, or a tires going to fall off. I think its coming from the right rear, with normal driving, the problem started a few days ago