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What are the best tools in helping remove the front grille?

Cupping wear on outer portion of right front tire causes car to shudder through 55 mph
gradual left turns. New tire lasts about 20 to
30K miles before wear pattern re-occurs.

I just purchased this car and would like to know. And when I try to play a CD it says "no CD cartridge or magazine(either or)" and will not play how can I fix that as well?

It will not complete or reset. it has been driven over 600 miles through several trips. Even had the battery disconnected and reconnected and cycled through ???

I was told I need to replace my head gasket and that my head is getting porus and should also be replaced.

I believe the evaporator sensor made my air compressor go out but I'm loosing a lot of oil it's not leaking anything it's making a loud noise when I turn the car on

Dpf is cleaned and empty no soot,codes won't clear ,down to zero starts left,need to know
How to reset,have alter scanner

its somewhere around the thermostat and sensor or water pump area can't figure out where exactly....dont have any codes or signal on dash

The carfax report shows 107,016. I suspect the odometer has been replaced. Your thoughts?

My tale light and dashboard light in not coming on what do I need to do

i have a water leak some where when it rains i can feel water under the door also after the heavy rain terrible smell from speaker area.

Just bought a ML500 from a car dealer, can hear the drive shaft, not bad bad I guess can just hear it wen driving.
Car also nudges forward sometimes when I stopped & waiting, my foot is on the brake & its in Drive, what is that?..
Also a clunk happens at times when gear change or go to accelarate.
Reverse is quite hard sometimes wen I go to accelerate, have to press the foot peddle at least half down to get movement. If anyone can enlighten me in these things, would greatly help, Thanks Sonya

I don't want staggered rims; just all the same size all around. I have low profile 225/35/R20 tires.

It have been often to icant drive it as much

Just looking for a ballpark range. I have been quoted and want to get other opinions.

normal? I just noticed it, we drove it about 3 days ago it was fine,

Can this be an accurate diagnosis? All I see on line is changing the fluid, nothing about seals needing replacement. Car has 216000 mi

My ABS light comes on the engine idles High it takes long time for the idle to come back down normal my two spark plugs keep filing out one on each side the engine has lifter tick and smokes every time we start it up or give it gas I'm trying to find out why my idle stays up when ABS lights on if somebody can help please and thank you

I turned on the car and the battery light came on. As I drove down the street, the car would not shift. After 10 of the car being on, the light went off & then the car drove fine. Confusing...

I never experienced that in previous MBZ but this CL rolls back just if I was in Neutral, otherwise the tranny feels normal, should I be worried?

Car shuts down after it gets warmed up won't start until cooled

When i back up and turn full right the front tires hop. Is this normal?

Hard to start when cold like its lacking for fuel then its start run great.

If I push against the top of the seat and lift the release latch it works. If I don't push the latch won't release the seat,

Off and reset computer it stays off for a little bit and then comes back on

coil pack not working

car was running and all of an sudden I lose spark plug fire

Could not start the car yesterday the first time it happened

I think the error code is P0410. I would like to reset the Check Engine light and have the inspection redone as soon a possible. (One "Monitor not ready" is apparently OK for my car. I called DMV. Already spent $2500 on this without success.

im trying to figure out how much im going to have to pay for a wheel alignment