When I turn my heat on, there is a burning smell coming from the vents.

what is causing my 01 mazda tribute not to go into gear when i apply the brake and start to put in gear.is it something simple to fix or will it cost alot.the problem just occured last night after i came in from work and went to pick my daughter up from work.never had this problem before now

Starts fine and runs through all automatic gears fine until low rpm (like going up hill) in Overdrive. When it shifts down or I turn off O/D, rpm goes up and engine runs fine. Possibly related, while driving about every 5 minutes all gauges goes full max and hold for 3 seconds, then go to zero, hold for 3 seconds, then go back to normal indications. Cruise control does not drop off and there is no change in engine noise. Vehicle operates normally during gauge fluctuations.

I noticed the seat belt restraint does not tighten up.

I changed all four oxygen sensor.
I also only drive in O/D should i not drive that way in the city.

Every morning when the engine is cold and when the engine warms up for the day it runs great

the noise is intermittent

intermittant code p0193, rough idle and engine stumble

Has been leaking very little and was told because most of leak hit oil pan

Car began idling rough today; hesitant ignition. EGR valve was sticking. Have replaced the EGR valve twice in the past year and a half. If I hook a vacuum line to it, I can get it unstuck but after a while it will do it again. No engine light indicating problems with sensors, but then again, the thermostat for temp has been lit for about 5 years even though there is no problem with overheating, mechanic told me at that time that he could run a test at the price of about $80 but that it was a common fault on these cars for the light to be on. Got a rebuilt transmission little over a year ago and that seems to be having some minor hesitation shifting from second to third gear at random times. Ideas? Solutions?

It was working fine, then we had our first good freeze....end of story

but tranmission fluid is not burnt

Went throught water, check engine light flashing, engine vibration slightly and still starts...

Ttook it to a tranny shop and said it was P0732 and p0734. Told me a new transmission was needed without even opening the hood. wouldnt even let me see the machine that supposedly came up with the codes. I know these codes are for gear ratio. Any suggestions.Like shift solenoid or VSS. I dont want to replace parts unecessarily. tranny fluid is good not burnt smelling. I get bout 230-240 mile on a full tank. not sure if it goes into o/d or not.

Condensor and compressor seem to be fine. No leaks detected. Gauge hooked up, pressure builds to norm level and compressor clicks off and pressure drops. Repeats, clicking on and off. Tried refilling refrig. but no difference. Suggestions please....

Has new radiator, thermostat, cap, hoses. And still will run hot. if I stop at red light it will run hot. Start going , it will go down. When doesn't go down I'll pull over let sit for about 5 mins and start up and back to cool. Was running hot the other day and it blowed the upper radiator hose... really getting on my nerves!!!!! Help

we start car and move to much motor mechnic say is
engine computer.you know some place repair engine computer

It only happens after the car has been sitting. I have had both the front and rear brakes replaced and it still does it. And it only does it the first time I use the brakes. It is one quick sound like something is slipping into place.

cable routing diagram for rear window

i put a new starter and dont do any thing just hear the fuel pump make normal noise

front tires are sort of brown around rims and rims are always dirty dusty but the back tires are fine and so are the rims what causes that

excessive play either while driving or sitting still.

The problem only just started as the car starts inthe morning. The smoke is significant but goes away as the engine temp goes up.

this clicking is present every time I start the engiene (cold, It disappears after been runnibg for a little bit. I had check iol levels, add some MOA, and even change fuel, it kinda helped, but still there. Any idea or advice?

Thanl you

Dealer found #4spark plug damaged at tip. They had replaced #4 coil a year ago. . Ran better but not great. Last week started stalling and barely could get to 30mph. Engine light came on. Found codes P0354, 0301, 0303 0305. Said something in combustion chamber caused damage. Recommends tear down to inspect heads. Will cost in the range of $3000 to fix. Could the damage on #4spark plug have something to do with the coil replacement the year before.

i need to get auto running right for business...help

i try to shift my car from park

It occurs every time the car has been in use for more than 10 minutes...a high pitched almost humming noise. Sound like it is coming from the engine area

I recently had oil pan gasket and front crank seal replaced. Now it is leaking from timing cover. How detailed of a job cost wise is this and should anything else be checked ? vehicle has 130,000 miles and otherwise runs great

is this recall problem related to the ABS brake light being on continuously? I was told I needed 3 tone rings replaced.