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I hear a loud noise coming from the front end of my mazda tribute around where the belts are. When you press the gas it takes a min to catch speed.
okay, I just did a tune up on my Mazda Tribute, initial issues was a misfire on cylinder 3 causing rough idle and slight vibrations...did the spark plugs, car was still having the issues, today I finished the coils(di...
Sometimes when i try to start it up it will start then die.If i press the gas and keep the rpm up i can keep it running but as soon as i let off the gas it dies again.If i hold the brake, put it in gear and take off r...
Moving from a stop there have been times when my has pedal will NOT budge. It's like there is a rock behind the pedal. Eventually it will go, but I have had to pull over and restart the car. My mechanic can't diag...
something is draining the battery, I had it checked and they couldnt find the problem
my mother was driving and the car just stop,sterring got stiff.but light still come on.please help me
MY car is having a tough time steering, and makes a loud winding sound. It jumps gears, and overall feels and sounds weird. This just started happening
very bad rattling and banging noise coming from front end. sounds like motor is going to fall out.
i am presently working on a mazda tribute 2001 model and fire is not coming from the crank sensor to the plug wires so i find diffculty in sparking the car. please reply me by my email.
i am presently working on a mazda tribute 2001 model and fire is not coming from the crank to the plug so i find diffculty in sparking the car. please reply me by my email.
Check engine light came on and stayed on - engine running rough and tendency to stall until engine warms up (after driving approx 5 miles). Replaced catalytic converters and fuel filter. No significant improvement. ...
2001 Tribute, 4 cyl, manual 5 speed, 4WD, with 215000 miles. Love the rig, but it needs clutch & tires now. Worth the investment or should I trade? Anyone taken this rig over 200k?
replaced the master cylinder seems to lose fluid but cant find no leaks i bleed brakes but it still soft
when slowing down for example to turn in or after idling for a few minutes it'll go dead;
eng got washed when windshield was replaced now have a miss on accel no ck eng light miss seems to go away around 40 mph
hhad to replace right rear tone ring,few months later left front, is this normal and what is avg cost
i went to mechanic be cause egr had burst i replaced it i then had a tune up the same day he drove the car and it burst after he tested the car
02 mazda tribute 4 cylinder 5 speed. Code p1451 canister vent solenoid system. Light came on today had it checked by a buddy at work. completely car iliterate. Just curious what that is and whay its going to run me. A...
when sitting idle at traffic light car skips sounds like it will cut off
only does this when coming to a stop after running at speeds of 35 plus. spudders then stalls out. already cleaned the MAF and IAC.
Per shop manager, employee stripped threads on oil drain plug. Universal plug installed w/o my prior knowledge. Returned to another franchise location for oil change 02/14/2011. Upon pick-up of auto, informed univer...
The engine was smoking, however the temperature was half way. The engine shut off. It felt like it was hot, however the temp gage was half way. Checking the engine the top water hose was sucking in while I accelerated...
Is any simple test to know if PCV failure? How long is the labor hours for PCV fix?
I have replaced coils 4, 5, 6, all air intake lines, and Tribute runs fine until you try to run heat/defrost, then it looses power and shuts off. Fine while driving
vibrates when accelerating. P0351 code showing. any ideas
So far I am told I need a catalytic converter, alternator, some sort of replacement gaskets due to an oil leak? Est costs of repairs before the catalytic converter was $1460 includes parts and labor, does this sound ...
have changed the fuel pump and filter a few months ago.i also changed 2 of my converters.Car is not getting enough gas unless press the petal to the floor.Any suggestions on what i can do
where is the pcv valve located on 2002 mazda tribute withh a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine
about 5 year ago I had a electronic break system put in my vehicle for a trailer. They connected it to the battery and the fuse box. Can I just disconnect it.