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i have a v6 24 valve i replaced the spark plug and plug in module the gap on the spark plug is currect i heard that its a common problem with this engine because of moisture is this true how can i corrected
2004 Tribute Stalls at startup, low idle after opening throttle for 2 mins, dies intermittently after that idling under 500 rpm. It will run for about ten minutes very painfully like that unless i keep the throttle op...
Car engine begins to whine/whistle and when slowing to stop, a/c slows down and radio/radio lights go off. Sometimes the engine and all electrical shuts off. When turning off engine to park, there is a click-click-c...
The car stumbles at cold start, but runs fine when the engine warms up
It happened once before,,approx 2 months ago. this is the 2nd time. The diagnostic ( don't know the code ) but it says it's in the 4th cylinder. Thanks so much for any help!!
It seemed to be running better after changing the fuel filter, but now it just doesn't want to run smooth. Its not all the time but most of the time. What would you do next?
What or how do I fix or repair the problem to stop the sputter and turn the light off?
Vehicle had front pads and rotors at 85K miles now has 108K miles
car will restart but dies when it is put into gear. The car works fine when it is cold or only run for a short time.
Sometimes it runs fine and then starts misfiring. Rain seems to make it worse.
My son's car has been running rough and the engine light is on. Acceleration is very sluggish. The diagnostic report is: P1406 - problem with differential pressure feedback sensor downstream hose is disconnected or b...
I cleared the code once but it returned within 50 miles.
What could be broke and what would be the name of the part?
Took kids to school, worked fine. Came home would not start. Husband jumped started it. Will not stay charged up like no charge in battery? Have been driving it with no major isssues.
car quit running while driving.restarted once or twice.towed to shop,they initially thought timing,major engine prob.finally diagnosed bad ecm n maf sensor replaced both with new parts.still getting code p0102 mass or...
Car dealer stated the above needs to be replaced-- would like to know the estimated cost + labor for these repairs
Problem only when cold. Have friend run codes with his machine and we have replace numerous parts including O2 sensor, vacuum lines, throttle control valve, and new plugs & wires. nothing has solved the problem.
we are getting the run around from the dealership and need second opinions
Today I went over a friends house to check out her car. When I tried to start the car it only continued to crank but no start. Sounds like a normal crank. I checked and verified there is good spark. Fuel pump is runni...
wHEN COLD it hesitate for a while , is hard on gas & DO A WEIRD NOISE WHEN RIDING COLD TILL GET TO NORMAL SPEED.
When I turn my heat on, there is a burning smell coming from the vents.
what is causing my 01 mazda tribute not to go into gear when i apply the brake and start to put in it something simple to fix or will it cost alot.the problem just occured last night after i came in from work ...
Starts fine and runs through all automatic gears fine until low rpm (like going up hill) in Overdrive. When it shifts down or I turn off O/D, rpm goes up and engine runs fine. Possibly related, while driving about e...
I noticed the seat belt restraint does not tighten up.
I changed all four oxygen sensor. I also only drive in O/D should i not drive that way in the city.
Every morning when the engine is cold and when the engine warms up for the day it runs great