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Powersteering not working
what to inspect first, next and last if power steering stopt working.
the ticking has happened for a long time,Iam not sure if it happened since new , the car runs great except for poor gas mileage
Diagnostic codes appeared on my 2004 Mazda RX-8: P0302, P0171, P2 070. What is the proper procedure to repair this problem? My mechanic is very well versed in foreign car repairs and I had my vehicle flat bedded to hi...
Took it in for a compression check which they won't do until the above is done. I have no power when accelerating. I have an automatic transmission.
need a pic or something or web site to find one if possable
i got a new o2senser the cod said i needed it for the 1 bank
My check engine light is on and I had it checked with the result being error secondary air injection low. Is this something I can do on my own and how expensive?
Dealer says short in my heater and gave me an enormous estimate Sometimes heater works ok and sometimes just blows cold air Whats ur solution and how much should it cost?
when cheking oil. condensation noted a white film around opening of oil cap and on dipstick
GasCap would not Pop Open
purchased used mazda rx8 for son. twice this winter when there is extreme cold car wont start. dealer towed car in put it on diagnostic could not find a problem. recomended we dont use regular gas and do not let the g...
The default code is P0661 - it states "intake manifold tuning valve control circuit low (Bank 1)" - Can you please let me know of the possible problems. Thanks Richelle
I need your phone # and how much will be to repair the rack on this car? The power steering is giving hard time, and it's hard to drive. Are you open on saturdays, i'm willing to take it today if you answer early. ...
My 2004 RX8 unfortunately ran over a tire tread lost by a car on the highway 2 weeks ago. Traveling at highway speeds, 9pm at night with traffic I was unable to avoid hitting the tread and ran completely over it. My c...
There is knocking coming from the manual transmission when the clutch is engaged. The sound goes away when the clutch is no longer engaged.
The car don't run how i can fix this
I just found out that I need new spark plugs, wires, coils. plus a new coolant with sensor. Don't have 1400.00 to fix right now. But today my car is parked in the garage and wont go into reverse, when I try it jerks f...
clutch pedal stopped returning to position. did research on web and see this is a common issue with this model, several complaints. Bracket break and the pedal no longer work. was fine yesterday.
price to replace timing belt
sometimes nothing (radio.thermastat,air.heat) works when I turn on the ignition.Sometimes if I hold the power button for the radio in for long lengths of time they operate.
I had new plugs installed within last 2,000 miles on my RX8. They came with a 30,000 mile warranty. I now have un-even acceleration at starts. Dealer says probably need new cables and coils. How much should this c...
Vehicle will on occasion go over 35mph (on occasion) go over 5000 rpms. Standard AutoZone Reader will not pick up any codes for the check engine light, nor will the Genesis (Unsure of model). Pulled spark plugs, need...
I have a 2004 mazda rx8. My drivers door is locked and will not open with key or remote, inside or outside. Can you help?
thinking of buying used 2007 rx8 with 41500 miles. concern about clutch. any idea the average cost of clutch replacemnt
i just put in a new clutch but my car will not go into gear, we kept bleeding it but theres no pressure on the pedal, could this be the slave cylinder?
My car dealer told me I have the following problem - a stuck secondary shutter valve problem because of carbon build up. The Mazda service bulletin describes it as the following: RX 8 has experience a MIL with DTC ...