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I have replaced radiator,thermostat,head gasket,and thermostat housing flushed system refiled with straight antifreeze,and wired both fans direct with toggle switch and still am overheating.
Still same and gerting worse whats next the injecter?
I feel a wobble or shimmy in the front left wheel, and it the tire might be having trouble rolling.
i ran a scan on the car and a code came up p1345 i was told that was the cam sensor so i replaced it and replaced the plugs and wires too. any thoughs.
It moves as much as 15 degrees advanced. The engine is idling rough. The check engine light is not on. Why is the strobe light so erratic?
I have noticed it while driving straight, but not as often
I have a 1994 mazda protege dx 4 cyl. and i was driving one day and it just died out of no where. i pulled over and walked to the gas station to get oil, because i was low and thought that might be the problem, so i p...
I replaced the pistons due to loud knocking; replaced timing chain but not sure if it is correct. What should I check now??
when i restarted the car it acteds like it was going to cut off low rough idle lungin sort of like when car runs out of gas and you get it running.. new plugs,oil, coils,transmission flush, car was perfect for the fir...
I have an interesting problem that has me stumped. The car won't start with out a jump. The battery is new, the alternator tests good. The cables are not corroded. The fuses all seem to be good. I can usually star...
Mine is a weird one, turn key, car starts, then immediately dies, try again, but this time hit the radio power switch & everything is fine!!!!!!!!, also central locking does not work, other that that everything is goo...
So basically, I cleaned my throttle body about a month and a half ago, ever since then my car hasn't been running properly. I drive a manual, so the rpms have to be at a certain spot right? Well, they often drop and g...
Mazda protege 1992 has no power steering been driving for a year had started to over heat shut off then wen turning back on I drove about a foot b4 I noticed staring wheel won't turn
I am a mechanic and not use to working on Mazda's. I recently have had problems starting the car. It cranks excessively before it starts. Once it starts it runs fine and I have great fuel pressure. I thought the fuel ...
replace rack and pinion system
have checked all fuses,and connections in the a/c system I worked on,checked bat. connections and all are good. checked for fuel and spark. I do have good fuel pressure but no spark
I put oil n all in it n put a brand new battery in
I dont get any gears. I take it the possibilities now are a powertrain control module... and ? Anyone anyone... buehler... buehler. HELP ME SPOCK! Im desperate. Thanks
repair shop says I need two cylinders and a tune up and spark plugs and wires
Car starts when cooled down but not cold.after driven will not start till cool down..makes no noise when key is turned to start.
Car starts when cooled down but not cold.after driven will not start till cool down..makes no noise when key is turned to start.
I have error code 1569 on and failed emissions test again today. I have one more attempt to pass. 1569 is an error with vtcs solenoid. I have no idea what this is and how to fix it. Any suggestions and/or estimates I'...
was told by my mechanic that I needed one becos car is/was not changing into third gear.........hmmmmmm