Why radio want come on anymore an fuss not blown

Fuel pressure is fine but when I try to start it acts like its starting and then doesn't

rough idle also, I do most all my own repairs, i just need to know where to start thank you

Replaced MAF indicator 1 year ago. Also changed plugs and wires recently and PCV about a year ago. I use synthetic oil.

I have read there is a temp sensor for the ECU (not the gage) that if reads hi will not allow the A/C to run. where is this bad boy located??

I had the rotors replaced, and am wondering what else should be given my attention. The check engine light came on with a code reading P0455 - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (Large Leak) Whats the worst I can expect? thank you

Was stopped at an intersection,engine started running very rough. I pressed down on gas pedal it ran fine for a few seconds then died. Try to start engine it will start and run for a few seconds then die. What's wrong?

Battery light stays on even after replacing the alternator and the car surges when changing gears

also, is the dipstick holder removable?

on 2 separate occasions while driving about 60 65 mph car jerk did not loose power no hesitation in transmission

Was too much rain and now at morning he wont's start he try but but nothing

My little sister had a 99 Mazda that was sold with no sound from the radio but the radio lights up. They said all it needs is a new radio so I bought her one and my fiancé put it in and the same thing! But the speakers aren't crackling like they're blown either. Any suggestions?? Thanks

New plugs, wire, points, mass air flow sensor and fuel pump.

Replaced the crankshaft sensor but it wasn't that cause it still doing it. HELP

when i start morning put gear "D" accelerating but not running. Reveres work fine. After just reveres (no engine heat) also very hard to go forward when small bumper. When engine get heat nothing wrong with Driving or Reveres

I have had this car for a while now. The belt has been replaced four times in the last three months. This car is used. I got it from a really shady guy but the car it's self is not to bad this is a starter car. I just need to find out why the car keeps having problems shredding the belt. I have noticed when I have driven the car I have to give it some gas then let it set so the squealing will stop and then when I press on the breaks the squealing comes back when I used the gas again...

run while key is in start possion

and replaced the fuel pump but the gas is not going to the motor

Pulling and I pulled over and it wouldn't go forward or backwards