When should I get my brake pads replaced?

When do you replace the Timing belt?

The car is burning oil and a head gasket is shot. I am trying to decide to repair or buy another car.

testing @ AutoZone states the code indicates runing too lean front and rear banks? what is the cause and how do i fix it.

at first I thought I was breaking traction but even holding at a steady speed, the rpm's still had a 500 swing. mileage is just over 75k with no service done.

when I take the keys out of the starter the immobolizer light comes on flashing is this normal It turns itself off when I starts the car.

Because of high altitude it is only a 4 cylinder

Checked it autozone error code said it could be the fluid level. Checked fluid level was pretty low refilled it but think there is a leak.

Just not getting fire to the altenator

it is plastic and screw under the engine and oil pan the screw are there but the shield is gone

The car overheated, check engine light was on, Code P0126 (Coolant Temp insufficient stable operation) was set twice, and Code P0128 (Coolant Temp below regulating Temp) was set. Any ideas as to the likely culprit for all 3 events happening?

batery last changed in jan. engine rebuilt over winter

light came on last night goes off like it should after starting then comes on &stays on, whats up?

it came on last night & now goes off after cranking up & then comes on & stays on, whats up?

Just had front brakes replaced and now the brake light inside the car is on all the time.

How much does it cost to replace the spark plugs?

Have a rattle , sounds like its coming from front of motor. Also souns like plastic rattle or heavy vibration, car runs great

Now, cannot get the axle out of the hub, it will not slide out, could someone help.

three lights come on & you can not accelarate while driving down the road

Does anyone know the torc for the rod caps on this POS car. My sons car-mamas problem. Please help, my friends are trying to help me fix it.

Changed 3 boots and plugs on 6cly.,Ran fine after changing those 3..Next day car missfiring, low on power.Could different springs in boots than factory, be the problem? oringnal had a resestor in them, replacement ones just a simple spring..

i have a warning that i don't understand because i lost my manual..the light down in the middle is switched on,i thought it is the seat belt allarm but it was'nt..this light is on just when the car is exposed to the sun

Just test a drove an '06 Mazda6 with automatic transmission and noticed that when downshifting, the car would THUNK and/or THUNK-THUNK - not just noise, but feeling the thunk, too. Not going to get that particular car, obviously, but wondered if this was something endemic to the year/model? Otherwise a fun car to drive.

the horn stopped working @3 weeks ago,looked for fuse/could not find.Replaced horn solynoid

My Mazda is a manual transmission... but it has started repeaditly when started fail to have any power, seems like it is being choked out? I put in in 1st and it revs slowly and also wont really move car... seems to be an electrical or sensor problem because it only does it at odd times

just noticed it yesterday

i hear a squeak in the right front wheel....what could it be? ball joint?

I need to know how to remove the intake manifold so i can replace the pcv valve.

car started to blow cold air instead of hot then gauge went to hottest position

I have electric seats on my Mazda 6 and sometimes when I am backing up, I have had the seat-belt hangup on the seat controls!! This would cause the seat to move back and the seat to tilt back-words, this lifted my feet off the gas or brake peddle! When this happen to me I was backing up.
I had my foot lifted up of the brake peddle and I almost drove into the car behind me! I was lucky, I was able to slid down somewhat so I could reach the brake in time to stop!!

If this has happen to you let me know Please!!!!