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where is the pcv valve on a 2006 Mazda 6 4 cylinder?
the 2.3l engine does does not have a distrbutor then how can i remov8 the spark plugs
The car run out of oil and then the car was driven till it was runing very slowly. It was full with oil at Valvoline and the car stars and stoped. Now it does not start the engine moves but does not start. I would lik...
I had my car towed because I couldn't shift it into gear! The check engine lights never came on. I'm told that it is the shift linkage cable. How this could have happened is a mistery. Does anyone have any ideas? This...
CEL on, OBDII error code P0151/P0155. I purchased a Bosch O2 sensor, part #15430, which is for the front manifold, upstream of the catalytic converter. I want to make sure I purchased the correct part.
Why does my starter have to be relaced aprox once a year? The car has only 85000 kl
04 mazda 6 drivers door won't open.. I read the post that people left and what part that question is can the door be opened with a slimjim from the outside ?
I pulled out the two small wires from the alternator. I need to know witch one goes where? (colors)
When turning Left my car makes a clicking noise, I believe I need A CV joint replacement how much do you think this is going to cost me?
Advance Auto checked and said vap control system leak detected. Very small leak. What knd of money I should look tp pay?
bulb and fuse are ok. what should i do?
smoke comes out of the tail pipe white smoke and it burns oil
I had the hot post on my battery replaced a few monthes ago, and now I am having problems starting my car every now and then. When I go to start my car I hear a clinking sound, and if I try to start it again it will ...
How much would it cost to repair the front struts on a Mazda 6
Is this the same issue that an Actuator is replaced for? Car sputter when first start and press throttle and nothing. Once Car warmed up idol was fine and driving.
where is the at atx kick down solenoid located
how do you get the hub out so you can remove the bearing on a press
what could be the prob?
what could be the prob?
If your going down the road and step on the gas hard, it will kick out of gear and try to over rev. I have also had it kick out of gear when the cruise control is on but that dosn't happen very often.
on my mazda 6 there is a vibration coming from the back driver side tire and it is just geting worse everday. Its not the bolts becouse i just replaced them. If you now plz answer.
On my mazda6 I have a vibration noise coming from the back driver side door and it is just get worse. I have replaced the bolts. Does eny on now how to fix this broblem
trans. skips gears 1,2,4, only cluncs into 3 gear
should engine be running to check trans. oil level ?
check engine light is on
What causes a car to lurch or try to surge ahead even with your foot on the brake? Usually the a/c is running also. It has done this also at 30, 40, & 60 mph. It's an automatic Mazda 6 with 75,000 on it. The problem ...
Aren,t the Purge Control Valve and, Purge Control Canister two distinct items? Where are they located?
When I am sitting still or driving slowly my steering column will make a loud clunk or series of clunking sounds when the wheel is turned. It has been suggested that it could be my rack and pinion steering. Does any...
i just replaced the thermostat now the altanotor not charging battery
How hard is it to replace rear wheel bearings?