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checked to see if fuel going through ok that was fine.plugs all getting to turn engine just wont start?any help would be appreciated
noise is noticeable while driving slowly and braking. have had everything checked and all the mechanic does is grease the bushings. Have had the rotors replaced last year. should I find another mechanic or take it ...
The last few days when I put on the brakes the steering wheel starts shaking/vibrating. There isn't and hasn't been any squeaking when put on brakes but took it in and they said I need all my brakes changed cost over ...
hit a dip in the road and started a knocking sound
it runs fine but there is a loud squeel when it gets hot
Check engine light on. Diagnostic code showing low coolant.
When driving or turning, I can hear a crackling noise on the left front.
check anti-freeze low replaced car starts but runs hot what can be the problem
I asked the question before and got two different answers. Where is the bank one number o2 sensor located? I got a po131 and po134 codes
the car will start but soon as I press the gas pedal it cuts off.
When I start the engine it rattles loudly but goes away when I am up to speed. When I start the engine it makes the tapping/knocking sound, and gets louder when I accelerate. Once the car warms up, it goes away or ca...
While driving the it felt like it wasnt getting any gas and would shake and felt boggled down till I hit second gear. Had engine light code read and said it was spark plugs. Replaced them and engine light went off. La...
No code is showing up.I changed mass air sensor.It will idle but when you put in drive it starts missing and it will go about 10mph and when you try to give it gas it just misses and sputters.
the pulsation occurs when applying brakes to stop and the check engine light is on or it blinks on and off.
I recently had the axles replaced on my 2007 Mazda 6. A week or two later, I started noticing a 'shake' from my car while I am driving. It seems pretty constant, and I can feel the shake in my gas pedal and steering...
AND flywheel def. has some teeth missing. Would that be the main cause of problem or could it be the problem is with bendix and once that is replaced it will still run with the missing teeth on flywheel?
My car started making a grinding noise sometimes when I tried to crank it, and would take several times to crank. It became worse and worse until it just wouldn't crank at all one day.A man at the gas station heard it...
Light came on and the paper they gave me said P0126. Check the radiator and the overflow was empty so I filled it half way and the light went off but the next day the light came back on and the paper said either the t...
If I'm getting a CAT code, how would my car pass smog emissions? What is the best way to check emission related parts to get my car passed in the functional and visual department.
every time I use the brake there is a bad squeak and noise from tires or I should say the brake. What is the problem and How can I fix it? thank you so much.
camshaft sensor,crankshaft sensor replaced these code,erase ,reset computer. light stayed off 2hrs. and came on again,HELP@! I NEED AN INSPECTON STICKER A.S.A.P
about 2 or3 mths add freon.was told hose leak,lower hose?
have to warm car up for 20 mins before it kicks in drive beside that the car runs like a race car
It keeps throwing up the check engine light. I took it to a garage and they told me it was the convertors (2). They are wanting to charge me $1200 to replace two convertors. What did u think?
it does that every morning, was told its the engine seat, just changed it but still te same.
It shows multiple misfires but I have had new plugs put in, a new battery and the coil packs checked. My check engine light comes on and off. The dash lights get dim for a second with the check engine light flashes ...
When the parking brake is engaged, the release button is extremely difficult to depress (I had to use a soft-faced hammer once.) to get the parking brake to release. I need to know what the repair entails and an esti...
dash lights come on but starter will not fire. Starter checks good, relays work, warning lights all work, starter can be "tricked" by jumper switch. replaced battery, checked fuses, starter refuses to initiate.