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that includes transmission fluid change, power steering change, brake fluid change, oil change. is this to expensive?
Well maintained car, runs perfect, but the the fuel pump shuts off at the gas station trying to fill up the gas tank
I am having a slight noise under acceleration ever since I had oil changed at a dealership. Thought maybe it was the gas tired all kinds even Prem. I had a truck once that did this and the only way it was happy was wi...
Worked fine in the morning then I went out in the evening no radio. The Nav blinked out but then came back on still no radio
For example, can I install a new one myself instead of taking it to the dealership?
Our CX9 involved in rear end accident. Now when car is turned off the interior fan comes on and runs for about 2 min before stopping. Have looked at some blog spots and found that the computer control module may need ...
There doesn't appear to be a way to even check the fluids for the transmission.
I was in a fender bender and the taillight cracked. Other than that, I need a mandatory inspection. Eould like to know what's fair for and estimate.